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What are 'extreme adjectives'?

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packed subway

'Tokyo's subway is packed at rush-hour.'

Oversuing the word 'very' when talking can be boring for the person listening. For example:

"Yesterday, It was very hot, so I went to the park, but it was very crowded. There was a very big dog in the park and I was very scared when it ran by me. I started to feel very hungry so I decided to buy an ice-cream. The ice-cream I bought  was very cold, but it tasted very bad. I think it was old. I tried to complain but the seller didn't care. I was very angry! Unfortunately, I was very tired and I didn't feel like arguing. On the way home I stopped in a cafe and drank a cold glass of lemonade. It was very good!"

Instead of using 'very' too much we can use 'extreme adjectives'.

These adjectives mean very + adjective.  As extreme adjectives have a strong enough meaning, you do not need to use 'very'. If you want to make them stronger, you can use 'absolutely' before the extreme adjective.

Here's a table of some extreme adjectives and what they mean:

Adjective Extreme Adjective
cold freezing
hot boiling
dirty filthy
hungry starving
crowded packed
bad awful
good wonderful
scary terrifying
angry furious
tired exhausted
big huge
small tiny


  • Now, re-read the short story above and replace the bold words with extreme adjectives.


  • Finally, complete the sentences below using the extreme adjectives from the table. Remember to use the correct form of the adjective.


  • The trains during rush-hour in Tokyo are . There are people everywhere.
  • The world's biggest casino opened in Las Vegas - it's . It's twice the size of the previous world's biggest.
  • I was when I saw that someone had damaged my car and had driven away.
  • After running the marathon she felt . She just wanted to lay down.
  • My hometown is in the winter, so remember to bring a big coat.
  • You need to clean your bedroom. I've never seen such a dirty room. It is in here.
  • I'm because I didn't eat breakfast and I was too busy to eat lunch.
  • Turn on the air-con it is in here. I hate summer! It is too hot!
  • People left the cimema before the film ended because it was . It's the worst film I've ever seen.
  • My wife is of birds. I'm not scared of anything
  • You must climb the mountain. The view from the top is !



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It's a gorgeous lesson!

It's a wonderful lesson! Some of the words I have already known, but it is very useful to remember them once more...



Will it be a sequel?

This is a great lesson. Can we have more, please? Extreme adjectives 2 (if there are any others)?
Thank you.

Extreme Adjectives

There's another extreme adjectives lesson coming next week. You should be able to see it on 18th December.

Big: Enormous, gigantic,

Big: Enormous, gigantic, massive

Small: Miniscule, microscopic, puny

Hot: Scalding, baking, scorching, blistering, sizzling

Cold: Frigid, arctic, freezing

Loud: Earsplitting, blaring, blasting, deafening

Full: Tearing at the seams, about to explode, full to the brim, stuffed, engorged

Hungry: Starving, famished, ravenous

Good: Amazing, incredible, awesome, awe-inspiring, superb

Stupid: Retarded, idiot, moron, inbreed

Smart: Genius, Einstein

Painful: Agonizing, hellish, torturous, excruciating, wrenching

Scary: Terrifying, scary as hell, traumatic, "I almost pissed myself"

Crowded: Suffocating, jammed, packed, "I almost got squashed/trampled over"

Empty: Lifeless, deserted, dead "The house was completely dead", void "It was entirely void of life"

Stinky: Putrid, reeking, nauseating(it makes you feel sick), rancid

Sweet: "it was so sweet it burned my tongue"

Gross: Disgusting, nauseating, revolting, repulsive, "I almost puked/vomited"(--because of it)

Attractive: Gorgeous, sexy, hot, irresistible, mesmerizing, spellbinding

Ugly: Hideous, repulsive, monstrous


 You can also use "ridiculously" or "incredibly" instead of "very" or "really", or to make your extreme adjective even more exaggerated.

e.g. This soup is ridiculously hot.

He is incredibly moronic.


"Absolutely", "completely", and "entirely" can also be used for certain (extreme) adjectives.

e.g. I'm absolutely freezing. (I am completely frozen.)


I don't know what part of speech these words actually are, but I'll list as many as I can remember for you.

Each word has the same definition, for the most part.

I'll group together words that can be used in the same way. The words on this list are used for EXAGGERATION.









 * These words are very informal.

They are often used to express DISAPPROVAL, but that does not necessarily mean that what the person is describing makes them feel nauseous or scared.





wonderful lesson

Love Struck Love Struck I just love this lesson.its very helpful.could we have some more extreme adjectives?It will be very helpful for us.

extreme adjectives

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Why starving?

I like it,but I don't understand this sentence : "I'm starving because I didn't eat breakfast and I was too busy to eat lunch. Why we use starving?


"Starve" means to be weak or die because there is not enough food to eat.

So, when a person is very hungry, he (or she) can say "I am starving". This is an exaggerated form or an extreme adjective.


Thank you for explaining that to me.

It was very useful lesson:)

It was very useful lesson:) Good to remember.


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Very good lesson for learning extreme adjectives with exercise. A lot of thanks to Mr. Chris.


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I liked this lesson a lot.

I liked this lesson a lot. There is a misprint in the word "starving" in the explanation part of the lesson, just near the word "hungry".

Re: Starving

Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.



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Typo Fixed!

Thanks for pointing out the typo!

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extreme adjectives

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