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When to use You're and Your

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You're really means ‘you are’, the apostrophe (apostrophe = ') shows us that the ‘a’ is missing:"You're really boring. I wish I didn’t have to sit next to you all day.”Your is a possessive pronoun and should be followed by a noun:‘Your car, your phone…’One common mistake is to say, ‘Hope your okay’.It should, of course, be, ‘Hope you're okay’.Have you got it? Then, try these...only use your or you're

  • I haven't seen brother today. Is he OK?
  • Please be careful. very special to me.
  • the last to arrive. What took you so long?
  • Excuse me, dog is eating my bag.
  • Unless you cut down on chocolate never going to lose weight.
  • Remember to look both ways when crossing the road.
  • She said attitude has to change before she agrees to go out with you again.


very funny

no mistakes, English grammar is sometimes very easy and funny. Thank you very much for this lesson. Call Me

Have you got it?

Yes, I have got it.
How truly British these English expressions are!

It's was very simple

Doing this exercise was rather easy. I distinguished both the contracted form of "you are" and possessive pronoun "your" without any difficulty. Thank you.

nice one

no mistakes

No mistakes?

No mistakes? Well done!

Keep up the good work!

Chris M.


I am too week in confusing

I am too week in confusing words, i never got full marks in any exam like this. I think your little effort may bring a change in my attitude. I am coordinator at essay service but i never wrote any essay till yet. Last year my boss asked me about English phobia and i simply replied him "sorry sir i can't". Well if you know how to mix sentences then i think you can write unique articles and here your blog may help to enhance vocabulary plus conjunction.Share some more articles about conjunctions.