Cambridge Student Testimonials

  • Lee Tea Hwan
    I am studying Intensive English at EC Cambridge and One-to-One lessons. I enjoy my lessons and my teachers are very good at helping me learn English. The course is really beneficial because everything is in English so you have to speak English all the time, not just in class but with friends as well. This really helps you learn quickly. In my class there are eleven students which is a good amount. Most of them are different Nationalities so again you have to speak English to communicate. I love Cambridge as a city and I am glad I came to study here. It has a great student atmosphere and everyone is very friendly and helpful, although I wish the weather was a little better at the moment. Whilst studying at EC Cambridge, I think my English level is improving all the time. I feel very motivated to develop my English Speaking skills. So I hope to get even better than I am now.
    Lee Tea Hwan studied at EC Cambridge
  • Park
    "...I improved my English thanks to my excellent teachers"
  • Kwan Tak Tam
    "...The school and the city make me feel comfortable"
  • Pedro Felipe Mesa Guerra
    "...I can assure you that you will improve"
  • Celia Germani
    " can ask what you want if you have any problems"
  • Mohammad Nabi Tavakolian
    "...I will never forget their help"