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EC Promise

Your progress is visible and guaranteed

The EC Promise and what is means to you

We believe in continuous innovation and have made research a cornerstone of the ongoing process of review and development. This informs all aspects of academic management from our curriculum to students' support to teacher training.

At EC, visible data is built into our course. Before a student arrives, we provide guidance on setting effective learning goals, as research shows goals drive results.

Our lesson structure and our assessment structure are both built around feedback that helps students to learn and our Feedback Friday provides space for reflection, review of goals and feedback to drive progress.

Progress Chart

Over the last 10 years we have been collecting data on our students’ progress and we used this data to develop our EC Promise.

Our Progress Chart will help you plan your route to fluency, and be confident that your success is guaranteed. If you meet the course requirements you will progress at the rate shown below. 


What you can expect

✓  Progression of 8 weeks per level at EC.
✓  Progress Assessment every 4 weeks or on teacher recommendation if you are progressing more quickly.
✓  The curriculum is organised in 4 week modules with regular assessment and feedback to promote progress.
✓  Placement and Exit Tests recording speaking scores to better determine your overall level.

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