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Our Teaching Methods

How our teachers can guide you on your English language journey


Our Approach puts you at the centre of the learning process

The Communicative Approach the EC way!

As well as incorporating all the key elements of the Communicative Approach – learner-centred classes, a focus on communication in real-life situations and an engaging classroom atmosphere, we have also implemented the latest research into learning.

Your lessons

Our learning process ensures that each student is fully involved in their learning process – so you will:

• Know what you are learning
• Know why you are learning it
• How you can use it in real-life
• What success will look like
• Spend time learning how you can learn more effectively

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Your Learning Experience

Here's what you can expect on every language course at every EC English school.

  • Teaching Standards and Support

    All our teachers meet the qualification requirements of the accreditation and compliance bodies where their school is located. We also provide a thorough four stage induction, ongoing professional development and sponsorship for further qualifications.

    We created our EC Teaching Standards to provide clear guidance on delivering the most effective learning to our students, consistently across all our centres.

  • Classroom Environment

    Our teachers ensure that the atmosphere in the classroom is supportive and engaging – the ideal atmosphere for enhancing your learning. This means creating an environment which is relaxed, welcoming, fun but challenging.

    Skills and language practised inside the class is mirrored to the outside world, so you can immediately see how what you are learning is applicable in your day to day life, at work or at play.

  • Great Nationality Mix

    The wide range of nationalities you’ll be sharing your classes means that you will not only be practising your English, but learning about and learning how to interact with people from all over the world – not just enhancing your language but developing the Global Competencies so important for building an international career.

    And you’ll have made friends from around the world.

  • Course Certificate

    On your last day in school you’ll be presented with an EC Certificate of Study. This is proof that you’ve completed an English course with us, and will help to open doors as you begin the next stage of your journey.

  • Reach Your Goals

    Our unique EC Promise is that we will provide you with the help and guidance required to meet your expected progress targets within the time you are with us.

The EC Promise and what it means to you

Here at EC, our aim is simple. We’re here to help you set achievable goals, and give you the support you need to reach them. We provide the knowledge of language learning, the learning environment and social programme you need to make the most of your stay.

Our unique EC Promise means that, as long as you follow your personalised learning programme, we promise that your English will improve.

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The EC Promise

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We offer a wide range of courses to help you meet your goals. Let us help you find your perfect English language course.

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