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Timetables at EC are either Morning Only or Double Banking

At EC English, we offer two distinct timetable options: Double Banking and Morning Only.

Our Double Banking timetable alternates between morning and afternoon lessons (lessons switch between morning and afternoon daily so that one day, you will have class in the morning, and the following day, it will be in the afternoon, the day after this, classes will be in the morning again, and so on), allowing students to have free time at different periods during the week.

This is a sample Double Banking timetable of a typical EC school:


However, depending on your chosen school, you may enjoy the Morning Only timetable, where lessons start in the morning, giving you free time in the afternoons.

Morning lessons are available in many EC locations for students who prefer to study in the mornings and keep their afternoons free for sightseeing, socialising, or work commitments.

In some select destinations, we even offer the option to guarantee morning lessons for a supplementary fee. At EC, we try to match your unique preferences and needs, ensuring your English language journey can be convenient and personalised.

This is a sample Morning Only timetable / Guarantee morning lessons of a typical EC school:


Want Morning lessons?

These are the EC schools where you can have lessons starting in the morning:

New York Malta* Malta 30+*
Boston London* London 30+*
San Francisco Brighton* Brighton 30+*
Montreal Toronto* Toronto 30+*
San Diego Cape Town* Cape Town 30+*
Los Angeles   New York 30+


*Additional fees applicable to Morning Only lessons. The weekly supplement for guaranteed morning start classes is applicable for the first 11 weeks of your course. Following this timeframe, you will no longer be required to pay the extra fee for morning classes.

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