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Stay and study English in a beautiful recently-renovated seafront resort in one of Malta's most popular tourist neighbourhoods. Close to the sea and Malta's sandy beaches. Learning English on location at the hotel means you avoid any transportation hassles during your stay.

DATES: 27 June - 9 August 2020

AGES: 9 - 17

LOCATION: St.Paul's Bay, Malta



Students stay in triple/quad rooms with other students of the same gender (and different nationality if possible). Rooms have en-suite bathrooms, storage space, a TV and air-conditioning (at pre-set times). Rooms and communal areas are cleaned every other day; linen and towels are changed at least once a week, but students should bring their own beach towels. 

Staying in a hotel with other EC students is a great way for students to practise their English and experience an independent lifestyle. Students will stay in St. Paul's Bay, within walking distance of entertainment spots, including restaurants, cafes and shops.

  • Academic Programme

    Our qualified and competent teachers are the key to ensuring a successful summer at EC Academy. They create a productive learning environment through engaging, inspiring lessons and the small class sizes mean that students will benefit from individual attention, providing a great opportunity to develop and progress.

    Excellence in English Learning:

    Qualified and competent English teachers. 

    Minimum of 15 hours of English language tuition per week.

    Maximum class size of 12.

    Classes appropriate to student's level, designed to improve and encourage communication and fluency.

    End of course certificate and reports to take home.

  • Specialised Courses

    Each week, students receive 8 hours of professionally taught specialist activities. These activities are:

    - Multi Activities
    - Sailing
    - Scuba Diving
    - Coding & Gaming

    Specialist activities are run with small group sizes to maximise the students' personal development.

    At weekends, students are taken on local trips and excursions around sunny Malta.

  • Student Care & Welfare

    As well as having Social Leaders on activities taking care of students, we also have Residence Supervisors Leaders that look after students whilst they are at the hotel.

    24 Hour Support
    Anyone who has questions or needs any kind of support can speak to our staff at the centre, or contact our dedicated EC Academy 24-hour emergency telephone number.

  • Meals

    The dining hall called It-Tokk that will be used for Breakfast and dinner is located on the lower ground floor by the deck and swimming pool area. Both these meals will be a buffet service.

    Lunch will be served in some of the different restaurants of the Hotel and consist of hot and cold plates. We can cater for Gluten or wheat free, Celiac and vegetarian diets. It is important that any dietary requests are made known to us in advance of arrival.

  • Arrival & Departure

    EC Academy provides a dedicated meet-and-greet and transfer service for all students to ensure their comfort and safety.

    We provide a departure transfer for all students and our team will also assist students' checking in at the airport.

  • Insurance

    All students travelling abroad must have adequate insurance in case of a medical or other emergency. EC Academy offers a comprehensive insurance policy wit trusted insurance provider called guard.me, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of international students. Read more about guard.me here.


  • Coding & Gaming

    In Malta this programme is brought to students by PWC. This course is about one thing - building a cool robot! We will put together an open-source robotics platform, for students to keep. The robot is Arduino powered and can be used as a learning platform for future projects. Students will learn all about Arduino, soldering and writing code to control sensors and motors. 

    Day 1: Introduction to Arduino - C programming, Block programming - Simple Arduino sketches

    Day 2: Controlling motors and sensors with Arduino - intro to electronics and breadboarding

    Day 3: more electronics, LCD matrix etc

    Day 4: Building a robot hand with a sensor glove

    Key Facts
    - 15 hours English language tuition per week

    - Coding and Gaming 4 days per week, 2 hours per day

    - Instructor to student ratio is up to 1:8

    - Students join in the whole school activity hour where they will get a chance to mix with students on other programmes

  • Multi Activities

    With swimming pools available as well as fantastic sports facilities and spacious grounds, our activities team organise a different combination of sports and activities every day to ensure a varied week.

    Students will spend 2 hours per day over 4 days participating in a selection of activities that may include football and swimming, as well as treasure hunts and team games.

    Key Facts
    - 15 hours English language tuition per week

    - Multi activities 4 days per week, 2 hours per day

    -  Coach to student ratio is 1:12

    - Students join in the whole school activity hour where they will get a chance to mix with students on other programmes

  • Sailing

    This programme gives students the opportunity to take advantage of fully qualified and experienced instructors – accredited by the Malta Young Sailors Club.

    Students will take to the water on the crystal clear Mediterranean sea from the sea-side town of St Paul's Bay. Students learn basic nautical skills and may sail a variety of boats. Buoyancy aids are provided. Students will be awarded a Malta Young Sailors Club certificate or higher depending on their level and boats used.

    Key Facts
    - 15 hours English language tuition per week

    - Sailing 4 days per week, 2 hours per day

    - The club provides buoyancy aids

    - Instructor to student ratio is from 1:3 to 1:5 depending on the boat

    - Students join in the whole school activity hour where they will get a chance to mix with students on other

  • Scuba Diving

    Learning to dive is incredible, the PADI Open Water Course introduces students to breathing underwater for the first time and learn what they need to know to become a certified diver. The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world’s most popular scuba course and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle.

    During the course, students will make at least five pool dives and four dives at local dive sites under the supervision of a local PADI Instructor. Malta is constantly rated one of the best diving locations in the Mediterranean, with crystal blue waters and lots of sites near the shoreline, including lots of shipwrecks.

    Key Facts
    - 15 hours English language tuition per week

    - Diving 5 days per week, 2 hours per day

    - We provide all the equipment necessary

    - Instructor to student ratio is up to 1:9

    - Students join in the whole school activity hour where they will get a chance to mix with students on other programmes


Our Academies are set in some of the most beautiful English-learning locations across the globe and offer students the chance to experience life as a local junior student.


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