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Junior English Course WELLINGTON COLLEGE

Historic and traditional, a truly British experience

This famous and highly respected boarding school provides a world-leading educational environment, and a wealth of first class facilities, all set within an inspirational campus.

Founded in 1853 as a living memorial to the Duke of Wellington, and officially opened in 1859 by Queen Victoria, Wellington College is a past winner of 'Independent Boarding School of the Year' at the TES Independent School Awards.

With its historical buildings and stunning grounds, Wellington College offers our EC Academy students a magical place in which to study and relax in the summer. The school is set in 400 acres of beautiful parkland in the county of Berkshire, only one hour from central London and just 40 minutes from Heathrow Airport.

The school offers outstanding facilities, including an indoor swimming pool, extensive playing fields for a variety of sports and two state of the art sports halls. There is an onsite café, lots of space to relax and a brand new theatre, all on a safe and secure campus.

LOCATION: Wellington, Berkshire, UK

DATES: 10 July - 14 August 2022

AGES: 11 - 17

 Multi Activities
 Art & Design
 Academy MBA



Accommodation is in various boarding houses with mostly shared twin rooms and some single rooms and multi bedded dormitories for our youngest students.

Bedrooms are equipped with a bed, desk, wardrobe and chest of drawers for each student. There are shared bathrooms and showers in each house with a ratio of approximately 1:5.

Boys and girls are accommodated in separate houses or floors and are well supervised.


  • Academic Programme

    Our qualified and competent teachers are the key to ensuring a successful summer at EC Academy. They create a productive learning environment through engaging, inspiring lessons and the small class sizes mean that students will benefit from individual attention, providing a great opportunity to develop and progress.

    Excellence in English Learning:

    Qualified and competent English teachers. 

    15 hours of English language tuition per week for all students (23 hours for Academic Study course).

    Maximum class size of 12 (General English), 6 (Intensive course), 8 (Academic Study course)

    End of course certificates and reports to take home.

  • Student Care & Welfare

    The accommodation is made up of various boarding houses and mostly single standard rooms that are homely and comfortable and give students a space to make new friends whilst having some privacy.

    Each boarding house has a House Parent who builds a relationship with all students in that house, waking them up each day, making sure they eat well and are happy and participating. Our students can talk to their House Parent about any problems they may have.

    A UK registered nurse do regular visits to address small medical needs students might have. For other medical issues, we will transport the student to the nearest doctor or hospital.

    24 Hour Support
    Anyone who has questions or needs any kind of support can speak to our staff at the centre, or contact our dedicated EC Academy 24-hour emergency telephone number.

  • Meals

    A range of healthy local food and international cuisine is available, with three meals served per day. Additional snacks and drinks are also available twice per day during break time. On full-day excursions, packed lunches will be provided.

  • Arrival & Departure

    EC Academy provides a dedicated meet-and-greet and transfer service for all students to ensure their comfort and safety.

    We provide a departure transfer for all students and our team will also assist students' checking in at the airport.

  • Insurance

    All students travelling abroad must have adequate insurance in case of medical or other emergencies. EC Academy offers a comprehensive insurance policy wit trusted insurance provider called, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of international students. Read more about here.


Each week, students receive 8 hours of professionally taught specialist activities from experienced coaches. Specialist activities are run with small group sizes to maximise personal attention and development. Students can choose from the options below.

  • Academy MBA

    This specialised course allows students to study a variety of core and elective MBA style modules, providing a mini-MBA taster experience and insight in to one of the world’s most prestigious and sought after qualifications.

    Using traditional teaching methods, interactive technology and project based learning, students can enjoy a well-rounded and inspiring education. Designed with the ambitious student in mind, this MBA taster course is guaranteed to delight, excite and ignite passion.

    Alongside the carefully selected MBA modules, the Academy MBA will offer daily workshops designed to prepare students for the demands of the modern business environment and place them ahead of the pack.

    Key Facts

    12 hours teaching of core MBA modules per week.

    8 hours of teaching elective MBA modules per week.

    4 hours of business and entrepreneur workshops per week.

    1 half day & 2 full day excursions per week.

    Full evening activity programme.

    Two week Academy MBA programme, start dates 11 July, 18 July and 25 July (for full course).

    Minimum intermediate level (B1) of English language required to take part in this course.

    Students will be challenged to voice their opinions on world events and understand their own ability to influence positive change. With a focus on sustainable development, globalisation and human rights, students will develop their skills in communication, self awareness, critical & creative thinking and conflict resolution.

    Debate and focus groups allow studets to discuss the environmental, economic and social issues. Students will be given the opportunity to create project plans that meet the needs of the present, whilst reducing the impact on future generations.

    Provides students with an understanding of the challenges of managing creativity and innovation within contemporary organisations and the ever-changing global competition.

    Critical to every business, students focus on talent management and decision-making, and leading and developing individuals and high performance teams within an organisational culture.

    An introduction to financial statements, establishing a firm understanding of the basic techniques of management accounting, including attention-directing, score-keeping, and problem-solving.

    Students learn to plan, schedule, and control activities that transform inputs into finished goods and services, becoming familiar with the key concepts and introducing principles of lean and agile theory.

    This session is unique in the range of strategic alternatives that exposes students to, and gives them the tools required for, performance moves, business models, and strategic innovation perspectives.

    Allows students to explore the variety of factors which influence decision making in business, with focus on: business start-up, creativity and innovation, risk management, and conflict resolution.

    Students learn to plan a project, identifying and measuring the requirements and the relationship between time and cost, risk management of same, and putting a project plan into action.

    A guide to the cultural knowledge and global vision needed to operate in an international context, teaching the international flow of business, options for international entrepreneurs, and much more.

    Explores the basic principles and practices of marketing via market research, customer analysis, innovation and design, brand management, digital and social media marketing, and more.

  • Art & Design

    Develop your artistic abilities and creativity in a supportive environment with our experienced art instructors.

    Students will be trained in a variety of techniques and skills, and will be able to showcase the results to the rest of the school at the end of each week at the Academy Art Exhibition.

    The course will take place in an art studio at the school, with occasional field trips or visits to a local art museum or exhibition.

    All instructors are specialist art teachers whose qualifications and experience are recognised by British schools.

    Key Facts

     15 hours of English language tuition per week.

     Art and Design 4 days per week, 2 hours per day.

     All art materials included.

    ✓ Variety of skills covered. May include: drawing, illustration, sketching, painting, sculpture, pottery, fine art and more.

    ✓ Average teacher to student ratio is 1:12

     Students join in the whole school activity hour where they will get a chance to mix with students on other programmes

  • Multi Activities

    Keep the mind and body active by participating in a variety of fun sports and challenging activities.

    With swimming pools available as well as fantastic sports facilities and spacious grounds, our activities team organise a different combination of sports and activities every day to ensure a varied week.

    Students will spend 2 hours per day over 4 days participating in a selection of activities that may include football and swimming, as well as treasure hunts and team games.

    Key Facts

     15 hours of English language tuition per week.

     Multi activities 4 days per week, 2 hours per day.

     Coach to student ratio is 1:12.

     Students join in the whole school activity hour where they will get a chance to mix with students on other programmes.

  • Horse Riding

    Ride at an equestrian centre that offers a wealth of experience in fantastic locations.

    Each student will receive an ability test on their first day at the equestrian centre. The professional instructors will create a programme adapted to the students’ abilities and select a horse or pony accordingly for the week.

    Stable management will also be a part of the programme.

    Key Facts

     15 hours of English language tuition per week.

     Horse Riding 4 days per week, 2 hours per day.

     Instruction options include dressage and stable management, and horse riding in the local countryside, dependent on level.

     Students join in the whole school activity hour where they will get a chance to mix with students on other programmes.


Our Academies are set in safe, beautiful English-learning locations offering junior students unforgettable confidence-building experiences. 


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