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Want to take a University Pathways Programme in Canada but can't travel?
Our new EC Virtual University Pathways is 100% online. On completion of this course you can move onto your university programme and new life in Canada.

This online programme provides all the language and academic learning you need to attend a Canadian college or university. With these tools, and the assistance of our Pathway counsellors, you can then apply to a range of institutions across Canada, including some of the most highly ranked colleges and universities in the country. Studying in Canada is the first step to staying in Canada.

The online pathway programme next start date is on 16th November, please contact us for more information about start dates as they can change at any time.

Don't have the required English level for a Pathways Programme?
Take our online EC Virtual Pre-Pathways to improve your English to the level required.

What is EC Virtual University Pathways?

Our online Pathway Programme is an online preparation course that is designed to help international students build the English skills and knowledge that they will need to study at university or college in Canada.

  • Who should take this course?

    This is the ideal course for anyone who wants to study and live in Canada. Our online course gives you all the language and academic skills you need to enter university or college in Canada. Our Canadian University Pathway programme provides you with access to a wide range of universities and colleges to choose from across Canada, including some of the country's most highly ranked institutions.

    Once you finish your studies at university or college, the doors will be open to settle in Canada and live your dream.

    Post-graduation work permit (PGWP)
    Depending on the length of the university programme you may be eligible to apply for a work permit of 1 to 3 years after your graduation.

  • What's included in EC's Online University Pathway Programme?

    Course length: 10 weeks

    ✓ 24 lessons, each one of 45 minutes for a total of 18 hours per week of online synchronous learning.
    ✓ Core class will be delivered Mon to Fri at 11:00 am Toronto Time, Eastern Daylight Time (16:00 London time)
    ✓ EAP elective class will be delivered Tues & Thu at 2:30 pm Toronto Time, Eastern Daylight Time (19:30 London time) (times subject to change)
    ✓ Average class size of 9 students
    ✓ Recognized by partner institutions
    ✓ Free application assistance for their chosen university
    ✓ Monthly one-to-one university counselling sessions with an expert
    ✓ Free access to EC Online with over 1,500 self-study resources including IELTS exam preparation
    ✓ Ability to upgrade and add private one-to-one lessons

  • Sample Pathway class schedule

    EC Virtual Sample Pathway Class Schedule

    EDT = Eastern Daylight Time (e.g.Toronto time)

  • What happens at the end of my course?

    When you reach the university’s required English level with EC, you will be admitted to the university without a TOEFL/IELTS exam. Whether university is a stepping stone to immigration or simply to further your education before returning home, your new skills and qualification will open the doors to a new future!

  • Start dates


    2021 Start Dates
    04 January 2021
    08 February 2021
    15 March 2021
    19 April 2021
    24 May 2021
    28 June 2021
    02 August 2021
    06 September 2021
    11 October 2021
    15 November 2021

2021 Canadian Pathway Prices

EC Virtual University Pathway
Minimum 1 module
18 - 1,990 CAD
EC Virtual Pre-Pathway (5 days a week)
Minimum 1 module
7.5 2.5 990 EURO

Registration Fee: $25 CAD
Course Materials: $25 CAD

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View our partner universities and colleges in Canada

  • Alexander College Brock College Cape Breton University Centennial College Conestoga Confederation College Fairleigh Dickinson George Brown
  • Georgian College Herzing College Lakehead University Lambton College College LaSalle Mount Saint University Niagara College Canada Royal Roads
  • Seneca Sheridan Sprott Shaw Thompson Rivers University Toronto Film School University West Canada University of Guelph UNBC
  • University of Regina Vancouver Film School Vanarts Vancouver Laurier Canada

EC Virtual University Pathway Outcomes

Our focus is on better learning outcomes for your online university pathway course through our experienced teachers who are all qualified native English speakers as well as through a combination of:

i) virtual learning
ii) online collaboration with other students and
iii) self-study

Research has proven that this combination increases overall student learning in online learning environments, allowing more time for student reflection, collaboration and student-to-student interactions.

Powered by National Geographic Learning

While studying with EC Virtual, students also have access to EC Online, where they find over 1,500 resources for self-study. Thanks to our key partnership with National Geographic Learning students will have access to engaging learning materials that develop global competencies alongside English language skills.

EC Virtual University Pathways - Frequently Asked Questions

Pathways Timeline

Sample EC Pathways Timeline

The minimum English level required for our Online University Pathway Programme is Upper Intermediate.

At EC our progress guarantee - based empirically on our understanding of learner language acquisition ability - shows that students who study 20 or more hours a week, attend all their classes, and engage and commit to their learning will progress one EC level every 10 weeks.

We also recognise that each student is individual. This means we also operate a dynamic progression system - integrating ongoing live assessment combined with formal testing - every 5 weeks. This allows flexibility for those students who are making good progress to move up at a faster rate, to continue to be pushed and challenged.

EC Virtual Pre-Pathways

Your first step on your pathway to university, these 10-week courses will take Elementary-Intermediate level English students and prepare them for the full University Pathways course. 5 days per week of online English classes with university counselling sessions from our EC Canadian University Pathways coordinator.

This course is suitable for students who:

Need to upskill to qualify for EC Virtual University Pathway.

Want to build or improve their English ability in all areas and skills.

Dream of attending a Canadian college/university.

Cannot travel but are committed to learning.

EC Virtual Pre-Pathways: Course Information

  • Why Choose EC Virtual Pre-Pathway?

    1. Smaller Classrooms (10 students max)

     Allows for more intensive learning
     Increased time for teacher-to-student interaction
     Closer monitoring of speaking and listening
     More personalised feedback from the teacher

    2. Collaborative Sessions

    Students work freely and independently with each other, replicating real life workplace collaboration
    More time for student reflection and interaction
    Microsoft Teams allows students to message, video call and share documents
    All collaborations are monitored by the teacher, but the main interactions are among students

    3. Classroom Dynamics

    Whole-class activities with participation from all students
    Collaborating in a multi-cultural environment

    4. Curriculum

    Virtual classes will follow the same in-school EC curriculum
    All classes use National Geographic Learning eBooks adapted for online delivery
    Learning is supplemented by our learning platform, EC Online

    5. Flexibility

    5 different time zones, 24 hours a day around the globe
    Classes are held 5 days a week to maximise learning
    Option to boost their English further by adding private classes

  • What's Included?

    Live classes at a time chosen by individual students. Five time zones available: 00:00, 04:00, 08:00, 12:00, and 16:00, London time.

    Lessons delivered by qualified, experienced English-speaking teachers.

    5 days of 90-min face-to-face virtual English classes.

    30 mins a day of structured classmate collaboration.

    Unlimited self-study with access to materials on EC Online.

    Learner Oriented Assessment.

    FREE access to Microsoft Office for 12 months including Word, PowerPoint, and much more!

    Ability to upgrade and add one-to-one lessons.

    One-to-one university counselling sessions with a Pathways expert.

  • Sample Timetable


    Before the lesson Prepare the topic
    and key vocabulary
    Prepare the topic
    and key vocabulary
    Prepare the topic
    and key vocabulary
    Prepare the topic
    and key vocabulary
    Prepare the topic
    and key vocabulary
    15 minutes
    Face to face lesson Language / skills input Language / skills input Language / skills input Language / skills input Language / skills input 45 minutes
    Break 10 minutes
    Face to face lesson Language / skills input Language / skills input Language / skills input Language / skills input Language / skills input 45 minutes
    After the lesson Practice & production Practice & production Practice & production Practice & production Practice & production 30 minutes

    Lessons are available at these times:
    00:00 04:00 08:00 12:00 16:00 London Time

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