Teaching Methods at EC Montreal

Find out what methods we use to meet the learning needs of our students

We place a great emphasis on your development and your ability to speak and understand spoken French. These are the successful methods we use, in all our schools, to help you achieve your goals.

Speak French as much as possible

The more you practice and the more exposure you have to French, the faster your ability and confidence will improve. We encourage our students to use French as much as possible outside class. We want you to be surrounded by French, and this is how:

Montreal is a bilingual city where both French and English are spoken. French is the first official language. You will find it easy to practice your French in Montreal.

We have activity programmes where you can meet and speak with other students.

You will be staying with someone you can speak French with, whether it's homestay or residence.

Our teachers also give regular homework ensuring that new vocabulary and grammar structures become easily memorable.

Speaking to classmates and homestay families, reading and listening to materials that you enjoy and discovering your new surroundings will all help you improve whilst you are studying abroad.

How you learn

Learning through speaking is called the Communicative Method and with us you will always follow this method working on all your French language skills. At EC Montreal you will participate in classroom discussions, work in small groups, in pairs or individually. You will practice your French pronunciation, intonation and accent. French lessons at our Montreal school are topic based focusing on various issues from current affairs to everyday issues.

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