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Study Academic English, learn the language of work and business, or simply increase your conversational skill by mastering a new language. EC English has a course and a school for you.

General English Courses

On the General English course, you attend a core of 20 lessons per week, which will give you a practical understanding of the English language and take you all the way to fluency. Your confidence will improve as we train you in all four communication skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Education & Exams

Want to gain access to the education of your dreams? Our Academic English course will prepare you for success in an English-speaking university environment. Need to take an official exam? We can give you the skills and confidence to excel with our Exam Preparation courses.

English for Business

If you want the freedom and flexibility to pursue the career of your choice anywhere in the world, English for Business could be the perfect course for you. English is the international language of finance, science and a host of other sectors, and this course will leave you feeling confident, fully equipped and able to follow the pathway you choose.

University Pathway Programmes

Our Pathway programmes are preparation courses designed to build the English skills and knowledge you will need to enter university or college in Canada.

Choose a 30+ English school designed for adults aged 30 and above

Improve your English in one of our English schools exclusively for adults aged 30 and above, where you can enjoy a rewarding educational experience in a mature and supportive environment, perfect for making lifelong connections while exploring an exciting destination.


Virtual Internships

Want to begin your career and gain valuable work experience? Try our exciting virtual internships! Join us and start on a professional journey that you can do remotely from anywhere in the world. Expand your skill set, build a strong professional network, and make an impact on real-world projects, all while enjoying the flexibility of working from your own location. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!

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Gain Real-World Experience from Anywhere with Virtual Internships!

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We offer a wide range of courses to help you meet your goals. Let us help you find your perfect English language course.

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