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Cambridge English Exam Preparation

Success in your B2 First, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency exam


Prove your proficiency

The Cambridge English set of exams, B2 First (FCE), C1 Advanced (CAE) and C2 Proficiency (CPE) are recognised by employers, universities and colleges around the world, and the results are valid for life. We'll make sure you enter your exam feeling prepared and full of confidence.

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Cambridge Exam Preparation

Our learner-centred approach will provide you with the skills you need to prepare you for these internationally-recognised English language qualifications.

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The Learning Environment

When you study Cambridge Exam Preparation with EC you’ll be working with like-minded people from across the globe. Modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology will offer the best possible environment, and our online student dashboard helps measure, monitor and maximise your progress.

Unlock Essential Skills

We’ll do much more than simply teach you how to pass the Cambridge English Exam. By the time you complete the course you’ll be more confident in all aspects of your use of English. One-to-one interviews, skim reading for detail, and independent writing are just some of the core skills our course will help you master.

Total Support

Every student at EC English is a VIP. You’ll have our complete support every step of the way, with your teacher monitoring your progress, providing feedback, and tailoring the course to suit your needs. Personalised teaching targets your strengths and weaknesses, and will leave you fully-equipped to sit the Cambridge English Exam.

Added Extras

While staying in an exciting city in the company of students from all over the world you’ll be able to enjoy social activities from the day you arrive. By the time you’ve finished your course you’ll have grown in confidence, enjoyed a life-changing experience and made friends from around the globe.

Lessons per week:

20 (15 hours)

30 (22.5 hours)

1 lesson = 45 minutes  

B2 First [FCE]

Prove you have the language skills to live or to work independently in an English-speaking environment.

Minimum level:
Upper-Intermediate for 8-week course
Pre-Advanced for 4-week course

C1 Advanced [CAE]

Show you have the language skills to make the most of studying, working and living in English-speaking countries.

Minimum level:
Advanced for 8-week course
Advanced for 4-week course

C2 Proficiency [CPE]

Demonstrate that you can communicate with fluency and accuracy in any English-speaking context.

Minimum level: Advanced

Take this course if:

You want to attend an English-speaking university.

You want a career in an international environment.

You want to gain a competitive advantage in your career path.

You want an international certificate which proves your level of English.

You want better opportunities for future employment.

No matter which Cambridge Exam you take, your course will give you the skills required to sit the exam with confidence. Full support from teachers and the chance to work with like-minded students means you’ll leave EC ready to sit the Cambridge Exam and more confident in every aspect of your written and spoken English.

  • Cambridge Expertise

    All our teachers know exactly what the Cambridge Exam demands and will provide you with the training and information you need to have the fullest confidence in your own abilities.

  • Reach Your Potential

    Our exam preparation courses will give you the boost you need to guarantee a strong performance. Aspects such as grammar, idioms and vocabulary will all be covered in depth, leaving you better equipped than ever.

  • Exam Techniques

    They say that practice makes perfect, and at EC you’ll find out exactly how true that is. We use past exam papers, so you’ll know what to expect when it’s time to sit for the test. The combination of support from your teacher and continuous practice will have you feeling ready to face anything the exam paper has in store for you.

  • Teacher Guidance

    Your teachers will be there to guide and monitor you through every stage of the course. By tracking your progress and giving you detailed feedback, they’ll be able to create a personalised study plan tailored to your needs.

Real Outcomes

We believe in giving our students the knowledge and tools they want and need to thrive, be it academically or professionally. With continuous guidance, monitored progress, and optimised learning through EC Online, your success is guaranteed.

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