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  • What is EC Escapes?

    EC Escapes is your ideal destination if you’re eager to learn English in an exciting, enriching environment. Join our unique programme tailored exclusively for adult learners who want to explore the world, make new friends, and enhance their language skills. 

  • Where are EC Escapes programmes located?
  • What dates are the programmes running?

    Recommended programme duration is 2 or 4 weeks; thereafter, the schedule repeats. 

    Malta start dates: 

    April 8, 22 | May 6, 20 | June 3 | Sep 9, 23 | Oct 7, 21 | Nov 4 

    London start dates: 

    June 17 | July 1, 15, 29 | August 12, 27 

    New York start dates: 

    Sep 9, 23 | Oct 7, 21 | Nov 4 

    Cape Town start dates: 

    Dec 9, 23* - Jan 6, Jan 20 | Feb 3, 17 

    *Christmas course must be booked by 29th November 2024, €100 per week supplement applies. 

  • What types of programmes does EC Escapes offer?

    EC Escapes offers a unique English learning experience, designed especially for mature individuals looking to connect with the world through experiences, language and culture. Our programme is a perfect blend of 20 lessons covering general English and is immersive, and a further 6 delving into local culture, traditions and history. But that’s not all – we also include guided tours, visits to landmarks, culinary adventures, leisurely walks, and plenty of social and dining activities in every package. 

    • English lessons 
    • Get Ready to Explore sessions 
    • Activities 
    • Concierge service 

    Included in every package 

  • What are Get Ready to Explore Sessions

    We want to make sure that students can get the most from these activities and trips both in terms of experience and language practice.

    With this in mind, before each activity or trip, students will take part in a "Get ready to explore" session. In these sessions, students will work with a member of the EC team to prepare the kinds of language and skills they might need on the excursion. For example, if students are going wine-tasting, they might prepare phrases for describing wine and their wine preferences; if they are going on a hike with their classmates, they might discuss topics and strategies for making small talk and getting to know new people; or if they're visiting a museum for an exclusive audio tour, they might discuss strategies for following an audio guide in a second language. These sessions are designed to ensure that each and every excursion is an not only an exciting life experience but also an extension of their language learning. 

  • Who can enroll in EC Escapes programmes?

    This programme is recommended for students aged 45+ 

  • What is the pricing?


    Malta €1210 per 2-week package  

    London £1270 per 2-week package 

    New York $1570 per 2-week package 

    Cape Town €1210 per 2-week package 

    English lessons, Get Ready to Explore sessions, activities, concierge service included in the package. 

  • How do I enroll in an EC Escapes programme?
  • What are the social activities?

    We offer an exciting mix of indoor and outdoor activities* to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. 

    Here’s a sample of what you can look forward to:  

    Malta - Comino trip, Limestone Heritage and workshop, Trekking, Gozo Tour, St John’s Cathedral and Valletta, Harbour Cruise, St Paul’s Catacombs, Three Cities and Inquisitor’s Palace, Mdina tour 

    London - Literary Walking Tour, Jamie Oliver School Cooking Lesson, Tasting Tour Of Borough Market, Visit To National Gallery, Historical Pubs, National Theatre Trip, David Bowie Soho Walking Tour, River Boat Trip

    New York - Gospel Brunch, Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, Central Park Row Boats, Distillery Tour, Dinner And Boat Cruise, Guided Tour Of The Met, Broadway Musical, Jazz Night, Visit To UN, Spa Experience, The Highline

    Cape Town - Quiz Night, Hike From Constantia To Kirstenbosch Gardens, Dinner And Drumming, Lion’s Head Hike, Cape Of God Hope, Kayaking, Wine Tasting, Safari, Winelands Tour 


    *Activities may change 

    Extra activities can be booked separately as an individual or in groups. 

  • What is the teaching methodology at EC Escapes?

    Our English course is expertly crafted to help you speak confidently in everyday situations while travelling. We use materials from National Geographic Learning for lessons and have tailor made materials for leisure and travel subjects.  

    Our dedicated and highly trained teachers create a comfortable and engaging learning environment. 

  • What can I expect to achieve by the end of my programme?

    You should have increased knowledge and confidence to use the English language. We give certificates with a recognised level on completion of the course. 

  • What accommodation options are available?

    Choose according to your preferences from:  


    Carefully selected hosts private bedroom, Breakfast & evening meals optional 

    Student accommodation with single and shared rooms 


    Local hotel 


    Premium - Serviced apartments / Self-catering apartments - Available upon request 

  • How does EC Escapes ensure student safety and well-being?

    Policies and measures are in place to guarantee a safe and supportive environment for all students. You can get fully comprehensive cover via 

  • What support services are available to students in EC Escapes?

    We provide you with a dedicated concierge at each school. They’re here to ensure that your journey is smooth, memorable, and tailored to your specific needs.  

    The EC Escapes dedicated concierge can book experiences and tickets for events outside of the programme and in line with your interests and are on hand during lesson time and excursions to guide you and answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.