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General English

Improve your English on our most popular course


Take your English to the next level

General English is for anyone looking to improve their English skills, no matter what their goals may be. Whether you are hoping to study in an English-speaking college, travel the world or build your career, General English can help you to achieve your goals.

Our General English programmes are designed to improve your ability to communicate in all areas of English. You will develop your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills, as well as expand your vocabulary and grammar knowledge. In addition, you will learn about English-speaking culture and way of life. General English is the perfect way to take your English skills to the next level.

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Our General English course are our most popular course and are available in the best cities. Our English schools are exclusively for students who want to grow their network and share their learning experience with ambitious, like-minded people in an energetic and focused environment.


Choose from General English 20, 24, 26 & 30 lessons per week

Please note that the minimum level for the Guaranteed Morning Start Timetable at the schools where it is available is Elementary.

If you want to take extra classes that will help develop specific areas, join one of our Special Focus classes. You can take these classes from 1 week to 8 weeks, so you can mix and match to suit your needs.

Class offerings will vary across EC schools throughout the year, but there will always be classes to suit your language level and interests. These are just an example of the programmes available at EC schools. Please contact us for more information on what's available and when. 

  • Speaking With Confidence

    Develop a practical understanding of English at different levels and activate your new language in everyday situations.

  • Global Awareness

    Gain inspiration and vocabulary to learn about and discuss world issues and global geography.

  • Grammar for Real Communication

    Take a closer look at how the English language is structured, with a focus on relevance and appropriateness.

  • Real Life Listening

    Develop English language skills for communicating clearly and confidently. Good communication in English requires focus, vocabulary and specific grammar structures.

  • Expand Your Vocabulary

    Develop confidence, practise your speaking skills and develop fluency as you focus on learning through conversation.

  • Writing With Confidence

    Improve your skills in writing for different audiences, using appropriate language and style.

  • Basic Reading and Writing

    Strengthen your basic reading and writing skills. Learn to understand what you read and learn how to be understood when you write!

  • English for Leadership

    Learn effective skills and strategies to become a successful leader. Learn to speak clearly and with confidence.

  • Exam Skills

    These lessons will focus on helping you to improve your exam skills and achieve your goals. Feel ready and confident to take your English exam.

  • English for Online Communication

    Being able to communicate clearly online is an important part of life. Learn how to write and speak effectively in many online situations.

The EC Promise and what it means to you

Here at EC, our aim is simple. We’re here to help you reach the English level you choose. We provide the education, learning environment and social programme you need to make the progress you’re capable of. Our unique EC Promise means that, as long as you follow your personalised learning programme, we guarantee/promise that your English will improve.

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Real Outcomes

We believe in giving our students the knowledge and tools they want and need to thrive, be it academically or professionally. With continuous guidance, monitored progress, and optimised learning through EC Online, your success is guaranteed.

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