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Social Responsibility at EC

Explore the ways EC gives back to the community

A Global Community

At EC, we are committed to giving back to the communities in which we live and work. Responsible behaviour is our signature – it’s part of everything we do. EC’s CSR Charter is based on three pillars that guide us in our conduct of responsible business around the world: Sustainability, Education and Community

EC in Cambodia

Find out about our first school in Cambodia in collaboration with United World Schools.

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CSR Champions

CSR Champions in every EC school around the world ensure that we deliver what we promise in our CSR Charter, by working together across the globe to exchange ideas and coordinate activities across all schools.


As part of our academic programme we include a focus on social, cultural, economic and environmental issues in our lessons, one-off lectures and school media. Our academic programme continues to evolve and give CSR more prominence through practical assignments including volunteering for organizations in the community. Our students are actively encouraged to participate in fundraising and volunteering in the local community of our destinations.

Learning and giving back combined

Community Relations

We work hard to build community relations by providing support to local organisations, which have been nominated by our staff at each school.

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