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Flexible online English programmes for your organisation

On Demand offers tailor-made, live, online English language learning, empowering learners to confidently speak your organisation's English.

For organisations seeking to communicate and collaborate on an international scale, and for students aspiring to a successful international career, there can be no better investment than in learning the world's number one language.

For individuals, book one-to-one lessons to meet your specific language goals.

What is On Demand?

On Demand is a powerful online live learning solution for corporate, government and education organisations seeking to bring English language skills to their employees or students.

Our personalised online instruction is extremely efficient, effective and flexible method of English language learning for any number of participants.

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How On Demand Works

Building your unique programme

We will custom build an English language programme for you, tightly tailored to your unique set of requirements.

Your programme will deliver clear, measurable results so you know exactly what to expect, and you will have detailed insight into your team's progress every step of the way.

This is how we build your programme:

How We Ensure Real Success

All languages take time to master thoroughly, but what makes On Demand so special is its ability to identify, target and teach exactly the language needed for your employees or students to thrive.

Designed to be as flexible and efficient as possible, On Demand molds around your team's existing work schedule, and delivers predictable, measurable results in an impressively short time.

Our On Demand Methodology


    The EC Academic Team is committed to providing the best language learning experiences available today. Continually involved in research, development and industry-wide debate, we ensure we always use the most effective, up-to-date methodologies available.

    EC students learn through the use of authentic resources and natural language processing techniques. This, combined with our communicative, task-based approach, ensures measurable outcomes that are perfectly aligned to our students’ individual needs and goals.


    Research shows that language is acquired more effectively through Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) – where learners are not passive receivers of knowledge (as with traditional text-based learning), but required to actively acquire the knowledge through concrete tasks and goals.

    EC's strong TBLT approach, combined with its powerful personalisation technology, ensures students learn through tasks and goals highly relevant to them, resulting in faster, more effective and highly motivating learning experiences.


    Every element of On Demand has been designed to deliver the right outcomes for each learner. From carefully defining your team’s needs, to every personalised activity, lesson and unit, On Demand is designed to measurably fulfil any unique set of language requirements.

    This acute focus on measurability, backed by the latest learning technology, means we can produce detailed reports at any time, as we witness our students not just meeting but soaring beyond their expectations.

Awards & Accreditations

Every year throughout the past decade, we have been recognised and rewarded for our work, and we are proud to currently hold the top global award in our industry, the ST Star Chain School Award.

All our schools are accredited by the leading associations in their respective countries, and are members of major international organisations.

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