The EC Virtual Reality Experience for Adults has arrived!

After the successful launch of our Young Learners Virtual Reality Experience, it was the next natural step to create a programme for adults too. We listened, we acted upon it, and now… it's here! EC, in partnership with Global XR Academy lead the way in delivering VR language learning experiences and right now, we have a group of adult students learning English through a bespoke EC VR programme and the feedback has been fantastic!  

Why is VR language learning so effective?

Virtual reality language learning is a method like no other. It is a fully immersive experience that lets students participate just as they would in a physical classroom but without leaving home. It’s an all-round sensory experience that allows you to interact with other students not only vocally, but "physically" through your avatar – high five each other, interact with virtual objects in the game-play style surroundings and play games together all inside the VR platform.

"Our learners are immersed in task-based situations where they learn to work together to achieve their goals. These environments are designed to reduce our learners’ affective filters – negative feelings or actions that reduce ability to learn. So, by reducing external distractions (e.g., phones / interruptions) as well as local concerns (e.g., appearance / surroundings) VR makes it easier to focus on learning." - David Byrne, Curriculum Manager at EC

What does a VR English lesson look like?

Just like in our schools, you’ll meet other students from all across the globe and learn from your experienced, professional EC teacher. Your day may start in the VR classroom and by the afternoon you’re on a virtual tour bus taking in the sights of London as you learn vocabulary and cultural information. Every element of the VR platform is designed to teach, to encourage language learning and to aid the lesson.

Our current EC VR adult programme

Right now, we are running a programme in partnership with Global XR Academy and proud to say that our first group – a group of Panamanian students – are loving the new language experience! The overall vibe has been positive and enthusiastic as they have embraced this new task-based way of learning that is immediately engaging and effective. These may seem like the classrooms of the future, but the reality is, the future is now! It’s here!

Ok, so tell me just a little more…

VR is the closest thing to face-to-face learning without leaving your home. This means you can get the benefits of physical lessons in the classroom without interrupting your schedule. All you need to do is put on the VR headset and log in. Immersive technology has the power to bridge gaps and bring experiential learning to every student, regardless of level, location, physical or linguistic ability. It is a true all-rounder!

In short, the EC VR Experience is a new, results driven way to learn English! Does this sound like something you want to be part of? Are you ready to take a step towards your future with this cutting-edge technology? Then contact us today for more details and let your VR language learning journey begin!


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