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Your EC Experience

How we look after each and every student

What to Expect on Your Programme

We are all really excited to welcome you to our EC Young Learners Programme.

Here is some information to let you know what will happen from the moment you arrive at your destination airport to the end of your language programme. No need to worry, we're with you every step of the way.

Have a great flight, we look forward to seeing you soon.

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Before You Arrive

Starting an English course is an exciting time. From arriving to checklists and handbooks, here's lots of information to help you prepare and feel ready for the start of your junior English programme.

  • Before your child departs, make sure your child has:

    ✔ Their passport/ID card
    ✔ Their flight tickets
    ✔ Emergency contact details for you (home telephone/work telephone/email/home address
    ✔ Copies of their EC booking confirmation
    ✔ Copies of their travel/medical insurance documents
    ✔ Sunglasses
    ✔ Sun cream
    ✔ Towels
    ✔ Toiletries
    ✔ Spending money
    ✔ Mobile phone and charger
    ✔ A pen
    ✔ Clothes suitable for the country they are travelling to
    ✔ Shoes/clothes for sports
    ✔ Clothes for wet weather (UK and Dublin)
    ✔ Travel umbrella (UK and Dublin)
    ✔ Medicine (if your child takes prescribed medicine)
    ✔ Electrical socket adaptor

  • Keep a copy of:

    ✔ Your child's passport/ID card
    ✔ Your child's flight tickets
    ✔ Your child's travel/medical insurance documents

  • Keep a record of:

    ✔ Your child's mobile number
    ✔ The EC emergency number for the programme that your child is attending
    ✔ A copy of your child’s EC booking confirmation
    ✔ A detailed list of the medicine (if your child takes prescribed medicine)

  • Download Check List
  • Do you have?

    ✔ Your passport
    ✔ Your flight tickets
    ✔ A copy of your EC Booking Confirmation
    ✔ Copies of travel/medical insurance documents
    ✔ Emergency contact details for your parents/guardians

  • Have you packed?

    ✔ Sunglasses
    ✔ Sun cream
    ✔ Towels
    ✔ Toiletries
    ✔ Spending money
    ✔ Mobile phone and charger
    ✔ A pen
    ✔ Some warm clothes
    ✔ Shoes/clothes for sports
    ✔ Clothes for wet weather
    ✔ Travel umbrella
    ✔ Medicine (if you take prescribed medicine)
    ✔ Electrical socket adaptor

  • Download Check List
  • What should I bring?

    You should bring comfortable practical clothes suitable for the country you are visiting. Sports clothes and shoes are needed for outdoor activities, and please bring a towel and toiletries.

  • What if I feel sick?

    Please speak to a member of staff straight away. We have onsite first aid trained staff ready to take care of you, should you feel unwell.

  • How do I speak to my parents?

    If you do not have a mobile phone, please speak to any member of staff, as they can arrange for you to use a telephone/Skype to call home. Your parents will have been given contact details for EC and they can call at any time if they need to reach you.

  • Is there internet access?

    There is internet access on Campus and at the Learning centre, please ask a member of staff for the Wi-Fi code.

  • Can I get food and drink outside of meal times

    Please ask EC staff who will let you know details for your centre.  

  • How much pocket money should I bring?

    All meals and activities are included. However, you should bring enough money to be able to purchase any extras, like snacks, souvenirs or the transport pass (if required) and we would recommend  €/£/$ 100-150 per week. 

  • What do I do when I'm not in class or on activities?

    There will be supervised activities organised throughout the day with designated breaks. On your first day, you will have a welcome meeting where the centre staff will explain where you can go and what you can do. Our EC programmes are very active and engaging - please check the EC Programme Calendar to find out which activities you will be doing. 

Download Your Arrival Information

These downloads will provide you with information about your arrival to make the start of your EC experience as stress-free as possible.

Your Accommodation

Where you choose to live is a major part of your study abroad experience. Find out what to expect by downloading your student handbook.

Download Your Accommodation Handbook

Our destinations offer a great choice of safe and comfortable options for accommodation. You can live like a local with a homestay, share a room in a student residence, enjoy a taste of campus life, or even stay with your own family if you are enrolled in a Day Programme.

Find out more about your accommodation, download handbooks

Your First Day in School

What happens on your first day in school?

Let's take you through everything you need to know about your first day in school.

  • Ready for a busy day?

    The Young Learner team are here to look after you and will guide you through the day. The EC Young Learner team are easy to see - look for anyone in an orange EC uniform – they are there to help you!

  • Welcome talk

    The day starts with a welcome talk by the Programme Manager. Lots of important information, so please listen carefully. If you have a question, just ask!

  • Level test

    You will then have a small test. This is nothing to be worried about. Just do your best! The purpose of the test is to put you into the right class to help your learning.

  • Welcome Pack

    Your Welcome Pack has important things in it. Do not lose it! The wristband has the EC emergency number on it; your ID card also has the address of the school. Please use the notepad for writing down important information – and for your classroom work.

  • Lunch

    After the test, the Young Learner team will take you to lunch, where you can relax, meet new friends and eat some food. It's been a long time since breakfast!

  • Orientation

    After lunch, it's time to get to know your city! You will be placed into groups and then a member of the Young Learner team will take you and show you around the city. Listen out for important information and don't forget to wear your wristband and ID card with the emergency number. Enjoy your visit!

Download Your School's First Day Information

The following information will help inform you of what to expect on the first school-day of your EC experience.

School Life

Our goal is to give you a great learning experience that's tailored to your needs. This is your chance to have an exciting adventure, explore a new culture, learn new life skills as well as a new language, and make lasting friends. We look forward to you joining our family.

Learn more

Your School Timetable

At school you'll be surrounded by efficient staff who make sure everything is running smoothly during your EC experience. You've got questions? We've got answers! Your EC family is ready to help with anything you might need.

Your friendly, responsible Activity Leaders will take you on all your action-packed excursions. They will even participate in the activities with you, so you can take full advantage of their knowledge even while you’re having fun!

Download Your Student Handbook

We encourage you to download the latest Student Handbook intended as a guide to support you during your stay and help you have the best experience possible.

Your Last Day

Time to say goodbye

It might be the last day of your EC English Young Learner programme, but there is still a lot happening today. You'll leave EC with great memories, new friends and a new level of confidence using English.

Download Last Day Programme

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