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EC English

Erasmus+ English Courses

Erasmus+ English in Malta and Dublin

Erasmus+ is a great opportunity for you to broaden your horizons and experience new cultures, boost your resume or enhance learning. So what are you waiting for? We are ready to welcome you at EC Malta and EC Dublin!

Our courses are designed to help you learn English and develop your career. Join a General English or Teacher training programme in Malta or choose to study General English in Dublin. We'll give you a rewarding and fulfilling experience whichever you choose. 

EC Malta

Erasmus+ in Malta

EC Malta offers Erasmus students General English and Intensive English programmes at our modern school in Malta's entertainment district, St Julian's. Come and improve your English at a school that has been guiding students to success since 1991. A trip to Malta never disappoints - it's a fun, safe  sunny island with an international feel. 

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Erasmus+ for Teachers

Available at EC Malta, these Erasmus+ courses are exclusively for teachers and educators:

Erasmus+ English and Teaching Methodology
✔ 15 April – 26 April 2024
✔ 29 July – 09 August 2024
✔ 14 October – 25 October 2024
✔ 30 lessons per week (20 General English + 10 Teaching Methodology)

Erasmus+ English and Digital Skills
✔ 12 February – 23 February 2024
✔ 15 July – 27 July 2024
✔ 30 September – 11 October 2024
✔ 20 lessons of General English in international classes
✔ 30 lessons per week (20 General English + 10 Digital Skills)

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Erasmus+ for Teachers at EC Malta Malta

Erasmus+ in Dublin

Improve your English in Dublin with a General English (20 lessons per week) or Intensive (30) course. Our Dublin English school is based right in the city, and our team are known for the warm Irish welcome they give to students throughout their time with us.

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EC Dublin

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Contact us for more information on our English courses and schools. We're happy to answer your questions. 

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