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EC 30+ English Programmes. Why?

‘Why EC 30+ English programme?’ we asked our former students. “I want to feel comfortable with people my own age”  – officer worker, Japanese Growing


Great ideas for practising a language

Practice Makes Perfect! This well-known English phrase is widely thought to be the secret of good learning, but is it? Practice is absolutely vital for


Boston Spotlight

Boston is set in our Spotlight this week. We love learning about cities, what they are up to and what they offer, so today we’re

Learn English in London

Get ready to study English in the UK

The UK is open for international English students Did you know fully vaccinated students can study English in the UK? All you need is your


What is Teacher Talking Time?

Ask yourself an important question. Why do you want to learn English? Over the years EC English language schools have interviewed thousands of students and


Time to study English in the USA

Learning English in America Why Choose the US? ✓ Over 146 million people vaccinated and 2.8 million more every day ✓ The new presidency brings

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