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On your English language course with EC, you can expect to meet other students from around the world, but let’s not forget those hard working teachers, who have the very important task of teaching you English. You can now get an early introduction to the fine teaching staff at EC London, Cape Town and Boston. Teachers at these schools have written a little about themselves, explaining what they enjoy about teaching and what makes EC such a great place to be. And just for you, they’ve come up with some useful advice on how to learn English. Take a look at<a href=””> EC Boston’s teacher testimonials</a>, <a href=””>EC London’s teacher testimonials</a> and <a href=””>EC Cape Town’s teacher testimonials</a>. Other schools will follow soon.

Now you know that when you arrive on your first day there will already be a face that you recognise. Don’t be shy, go up and say ‘hello’. They’re looking forward to teaching you English as much as you are to learning English with EC.

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