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Junior Group Teams up with Local Cub Scouts

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Junior Programmes at EC are about more than English lessons and classrooms. We believe in cross-cultural understanding, education, friendship and generous servings of fun! That’s why a group of our students over from Italy, had the wonderful opportunity to spend a fun-filled day with native English-speakers their own age.

The young English learners teamed up with 1st Sliema Cub Scout Group for a 12-hour activity. This particular Scout Group was founded in 1909, which makes it the oldest surviving Scout Group outside the UK. Both EC and the group share the common goals of promoting education and fun, overseen by well trained leaders.

They full-day activity kicked off with a behind-the-scenes visit to Malta International Airport. The lucky students got to sit in the cockpit of a real plane and chat with the pilot. If that wasn’t enough of a fantasy fulfilled for most kids, they were then taken to the Airport Fire Section! The youngsters got a close-up look at an actual fire-engine and an interesting talk from a resident fire-fighter.

After an adventurous morning, everyone headed to the Law Courts in Valletta for a guided tour by magistrate, Silvio Meli. After showing them around, he let them have a turn in his chair and even a bang of his justice-dispensing hammer!

The day concluded with games, activities and ample doses of fun at scout HQ.

We’re sure that our Italian students left Malta with not only better English skills, but also with newly formed friendships and wonderful memories.

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