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My 9 weeks in Miami!

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EC Miami Students

Rachel writes about her time learning English, and having amazing experiences, at EC Miami!

In 2009, my husband, my best friend and I decided to create ABEONA06, a non-profit organization which supports people in their language-related projects abroad!! The first English school we worked with was EC English school in Malta.

We have from the start a very good relationship with this organization and really enjoy working with them as agent. My “job” (as a volunteer) in the organization is to enable students to go and study abroad. I love doing this as this “job” gives me the opportunity to work for schools all over the world, and to practice my writing English!

In November 2011, my husband, my kids and I visited Florida. On our last day, we met Amanda Ross-Gomez, the director of the future EC English school in Miami! And just after we came back home, EC gave me the amazing opportunity to study at EC Miami School for 8 weeks!! Of course, I said YES immediately!! Because I know that this is a real chance to improve my English, to live in the USA during 9 weeks, to live my “American Dream” in the city of Miami!

I began my courses on the 5th of March 2012 and I finished on May the 4th. I really enjoyed my time at school, every activity I participated to. I like my classes, and in particular, the FCE class in Miami: it was very interesting and Reese is such a good teacher!!

My first surprise was to become a “Student Ambassador” for EC Miami School!! It was really a great experience and I encourage every student to tie good relationships with new students because it is not so easy for everyone to be far away from his/her country, his/her home.

My best memory: the EC Giving Back Day!! It was really a special moment where I could appreciate the American solidarity. I will never forget this day!

As I know that I will never forget the EC staff, the teachers and my life in Miami.

Every student should realize how lucky he/she is to live those special moments and that all young people in the world are not so lucky. I hope to live again those moments in EC Miami! And I hope it will be very soon

I would like to thank very much Amanda for this great offer and the opportunity she gave me to live my dream and to live 100% the American way of life through a language English school in the US!!

I will never forget you, and forget these 9 weeks in Miami Beach!!

Thank You Rachel

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