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How to prepare for an English Language Course

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1. Set your goals

Sit down and ask yourself ‘what are my language goals?’ Do you want to improve your speaking skills? How strong are your listening skills? Is writing your greatest strength or challenge? Decide on a few targets before you start your English language course and this will help you stay focused. You will feel more organised and gain more from your studies when you know exactly which areas you’d like to develop.


2. Research your chosen destination

You’re not simply a student – you’re also a tourist and explorer! A brand new place is waiting to be discovered, with something new to experience at every turn. To make the most of your free time, try to have some idea of what you’d like to do and see. Your school will probably have a full activity programme, offering you the chance to experience the best that your destination has to offer. Get a guide book, search the internet, and you’ll be able to fill your time with even more of your favourite activities, whether it’s sightseeing, eating out, or becoming a member at a gym in the local area.


3. Choose your home

Try to choose accommodation in a central area to feel the buzz of the big city; live in a student residence with others from your school, or stay with a local host family and get to know a new way of life. Once you decide, try to discover as much as you can. What kind of facilities will be available to you? Will you have to cook your own meals? Is there anything that you need to bring with you from home?


4. Expose yourself to English

Start your ‘immersion’ into the language before you leave your country. Try to find time every day to expose yourself to English, even if it’s just for half an hour. Listen to a song, watch a TV show, or read the news in your target language. This will prepare you for the English-only adventure you’re about to embark on.


5. Take advantage of the online world

The World Wide Web is a huge resource for language learners. You can find online lessons, quizzes, or even videos that will transport you into the classroom. If you haven’t studied English for some time, this will help you feel much more comfortable on your first day at school.


If you want to know more about learning English, choosing a destination, and finding a school which suits you, download our FREE student guide today! 


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