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A taste of Easter time!

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Painted Easter eggs

Tasty chocolate eggs, cute Easter bunnies, the start of spring… these are only a few things that usually come to mind at the mention of Easter!

What is Easter all about?

Apart from marking the end of winter, Easter is the end of Lent, traditionally a time of fasting and reflection for Christians. It represents the resurrection of Jesus Christ, making it one of the major Christian festivities of the year.

Easter is associated with new life and renewed hope, and the colourful variety of customs and specialities it involves make it a truly magnificent time to celebrate!

Did you know…? Easter in Britain actually originates back to the pre-Christian (pagan) days. Easter itself is believed to be named after ‘Eostre’ – the Anglo-Saxon goddess of the dawn and spring.

How is Easter celebrated?

Many countries hold religious processions and masses, starting from Palm Sunday through to Good Friday, Easter Sunday, and in some countries, Easter Monday.

Non-religious holiday celebrations include relaxing activities, such as Easter egg hunts, Easter egg painting, and kite-flying. In some countries, chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies, as well as other gifts like clothes or holidays packages are exchanged, while Easter bonnets or baskets are made and filled with daffodils, the floral symbols of spring.

Large bonfires – also known as Easter Fires – are lit on Easter Sunday and Monday in some North-western European countries. Saxon legend has it that the fires will chase the darkness of winter away, and spring will emerge victorious. Nowadays, the fires represent the coming-together of communities – a time to celebrate with family, neighbours and friends!

If you’re learning English in the US, UK or Malta, make sure to join in the Easter festivities, eat some chocolate and have a jolly, memorable time 🙂

Happy Easter to all!

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