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Where to eat & drink in London

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English Breakfast


In a place like London, with a multinational population and more than 300 spoken languages, you will never be short of wonderful places to eat and drink. The best part is that the choice is yours and the more you explore, the better! There is likely to be a restaurant for every cuisine in the world.

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Going Local

When you are in London, you have to try some of the traditional English dishes! Here are just a few to consider:
● English breakfast
● Fish and chips
● Sunday roast
● Cottage pie
● Yorkshire pudding
(it´s usually served as a side to roast beef)
● Steak and ale pie
If you want a good, hearty English meal there is no better place to get it than at a local pub. London is full of pubs, each unique in their own way but preserving a traditional English ambience. If you’re on a budget, look for Wetherspoons which is a popular chain of pubs that you can find across the UK. The prices are usually affordable for both drinks and food (you can even find a Wetherspoons in Victoria Station). Another money saving tip is to have an English breakfast before 11:00, as it usually comes at a discounted price and with a free hot drink. If you miss that, you can still order an ‘all day brunch’ which is basically English breakfast, usually with chips, and can cost anywhere from £3 to £7 depending on where you go. Pubs will also serve the traditional lager and ales, spirits, cocktails, and finger food (e.g. chunky chips).


ADVANCED LEVEL TIP: try taking part in a pub quiz. It’s both fun and educational, and definitely a great challenge for your listening, reading and writing skills.

International Foods

international foodSeveral great bars and restaurants can be found along the banks of the River Thames – there are even restaurants on boats! If you’re in the mood for an Australian night out, check out the Walkabout, a stone’s throw away from Temple tube station and a short walk from Embankment or Blackfriars. Whether you want to try some kangaroo meat or fried chicken wings, a good football match or some lively music, they cater to every taste.

It’s no secret that you can get great food wherever you are in London, whether at the O2 arena, strolling down Oxford Street or just walking along the banks of River Thames. Try out Nando’s for a fast-food Piri Piri chicken dining experience, Bella Italia for authentic Italian cuisine, and Patara for exquisite Thai food and tasty Indian curries that the British absolutely adore. Whitechapel and East London are known to serve the best curries in London.


A Dining Experience

fish and chipsThe capital is populated with a wide variety of restaurants, from fine dining boutiques to mainstream chain restaurants. However, if you want an exceptional dining experience, try Covent Garden. The place truly a food paradise, with a restaurant at every corner, and several on each street, serving any kind of cuisine you can think of. If you’ve got tickets to the theatre, the restaurants usually schedule pre-theatre dinners and ensure that you are well-fed in time for the show.


Takeaway Culture

London keeps you walking and enjoying yourself day and night, and sometimes that means having to eat on the go. There is a strong takeaway culture in the capital; the meals packed into the small plastic containers will surprise you with just how tasty the food is. You can get fish and chips, Chinese fried rice, Indian curries, burritos, pizza, kebabs and many other unique, quality dishes. The prices are cheaper than a restaurant, and the portions are generous.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL TIP: call a takeaway place and order food from home. Make sure to give them your address and instructions on how to contact you when they arrive. Making a food order over the phone is a great challenge for your speaking and listening skills.


Bars & Clubs

pub in LondonApart from unbeatable dining experiences, London can also provide sophisticated drinking venues. The city is filled with lively bars serving cocktails, wines, and practically every other drink you can think of. Some of them have happy hours during the day (usually in the afternoon), where everything is either 50% cheaper or at some kind of major discount. You can enjoy an ice-cold beer on a boat floating the River Thames or in a stylish bar right in the centre of Piccadilly Circus. Leicester Square and Soho are probably the top places to enjoy great drinks, live music, and the best nights out in the capital.

Would you like to check more suggestions of the best ways to explore London? Download our guide now for FREE!

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