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My EC Story | Kijin

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Today we’re going to hear from Kijin, a former student ambassador and current member of the EC family who was kind enough to share her story with us all. Grab a cup of tea and get comfortable! 


Being the admissions executive of EC after studying at EC schools has been an amazing opportunity with many challenges along the way. Supporting students by communicating with agents and the staffs in each schools, their overall satisfaction improvements has been very rewarding. Before joining the team, I had studied at EC Malta for 3 months, and 6 months at EC Oxford. Malta, it is a small island though, as there are many events throughout a whole year, I could get along with not only local people but also the people come from all parts of the world.


Learn English in Oxford

After Malta, I had been studying at EC Oxford, doing student ambassador tasks for eight months from the first week in Oxford. Mainly I had done a presentation for newcomers and gave a tour around the city. With the staff, we organised some events such as an International Food Festival, a Pink Ribbon Charity Marathon Volunteer and so on. At the beginning since I am introvert and had poor English skills, it was not easy to communicate with people in English though, in the end I found out myself enjoying my days at EC schools.

Red Nose Day

The opportunity to apply for this position was given to me in the last months of EC Oxford by Charlie Tweddle, the centre director of the school. As I was deeply into EC and thought it would be great experience, improving my English skills at the same time, there is no reason to hesitate to send my resume. Part of the gratifying experience of working for EC is interacting with warm and welcoming staff. From the first day I was embraced as a valued team member and the continued support, from managements as well as my amazing colleagues, has been an important factor in my progression. Soon, my colleague Huna will leave EC and move to Canada. It would be a challenge for me as I should handle Korean admission stuff by myself for a while. Through this change, I hope that I can learn more and make big contributions to the team.

Learn English in Oxford

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