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What to see in NYC: Times Square & Central Park

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Let´s keep moving and explore the next few spots on our list of things to see in New York City! Today we will talk about two of the most famous places in New York: Times Square and Central Park! Check out our top tips about how to get to these places and what you can expect to enjoy there.

Times Square

You haven’t really gotten to know New York City unless you’ve seen fabulous Times Square, a place where the lights couldn’t shine brighter and the atmosphere couldn’t feel more magical. From the giant billboards to and the iconic Broadway and Madame Tussauds, Times Square embodies luxury and showbiz.

If you are studying English in New York, you don´t need to worry about this first stop. As a EC NY student, you will be located at the heart of Manhattan´s Times Square, just a few minutes away from 5th Avenue, Broadway, the Empire State Building to name just a few attractions.

There’s always something going on in Times Square, so be sure to check the official website for events when in NYC.


Opening Hours & Ticket Prices

The commercial intersection is free to anyone to just walk by and enjoy it, at any time of the day or night.


times square



How to Get to Times Square

You will find the square in Midtown Manhattan, at the intersection between Broadway and Seventh Avenue.


Times Square Maps


Central Park

Right in the heart of Manhattan is Central Park, the 843 acres that is famous around the world and regularly featured in movies and TV! There’s a long list of things you can do in Central Park, from relaxing afternoon picnics, to visiting a Zoo or even going on a romantic carriage tour. Did you know that the park is visited around 38 million times a year?


Central Park



Once again, the lucky students at EC New York find that they’re just a few minutes from this enormous, lush green park. However, due to the size of the park, you might want to consider renting a bike.


Opening Hours & Ticket Prices

The Park is open from 6am to 1am. It’s free to enter, but on the official website you can find information and prices for the other attractions.


How to Get to Central Park

Since the park is so large, it can be reached in many ways. Use the interactive map to find your most convenient option.


central park map


BEGINNER LEVEL TIP: On your way to Central Park ask a stranger for directions, even if you know where you are going. It will help confirm you’re going in the right direction and gets you practising your speaking skills.


Would you like to learn English in New York or just want to visit the city sometime soon? Download our New York travel guide made especially for students FREE and plan your trip ahead of time.

Feel free to contact us if you need anything, our student advisors are always happy to help you!

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