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Learning English in New York – Survival Guide

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 Learning English in New York - Survival Guide


Getting To NYC

NYC is serviced by 3 major airports and 2 smaller ones that connect the city to the rest of the world:John F. Kennedy International Airport is the main airport in New York

  • Newark Liberty International Airport, located in New Jersey
  • LaGuardia Airport, which serves domestic flights
  • Long Island MacArthur Airport
  • Stewart International Airport


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Getting Around NYC


In New York City, you can get anywhere using the subway system, which is run by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and referred to as ‘MTA’ on most signs and documentation. The subway runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, offering non-stop access to anywhere in the city.
To use the subway, start by buying a MetroCard with a minimum of $5.50 credit topped up. You have several other options for metro cards, from pay-per-ride to unlimited ride, depending on how often you want to travel.

Learning English in New York - NY Grand Central Station


For the latest information and prices visit While the subway is safe, avoid riding alone in empty cars late at night, and always keep an eye on your belongings.


BEGINNER LEVEL TIP: Spend some time familiarising yourself with the metro map in New York and learn the names of the most important stations. It will work on your reading skills and help you become a savvy New Yorker.


You can get around in New York by bus, also allowing you to discover more of the city and enjoy the scenery. You can use exact change or the MetroCard to pay for the bus ride, as it falls under the MTA New York City Transit as well. If you want check out routes, fares, or plan your trip, you can do so on the official MTA website at


Driving in New York City

While you can certainly drive in NYC, it comes at quite a cost and can be stressful in terms of parking and city charges. You will almost never find a parking space, and garage parking is very expensive. Like most cities, there’s also a lot of traffic, especially during rush hour!



Just like any other major city, New York has a taxi service. Here are a few things to note about taxis in New York:


Learning English in New York - NY Cabs


Cycling in NYC

New York City is well equipped with bike lanes, and the City Bike is the main bike-sharing system. The bikes are available 24/7 and you can find out more about pricing and how to get started at

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