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Guide to Pokémon Go: Malta

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Whether you are waiting impatiently join in on the Pokémon Go video game craze or if you’ve already managed to get your hands the new app, make the most of playing this game by following our tips and tricks for playing in Malta! If you are somewhere else, find out which cities have the most PokéStops and plan your next study trip at one of our schools on the list!

Best places to find Pokémon

Pokemon Go MaltaTo hunt Pokémon, look for leaves rustling on your map that shows there is a creature there. Pokémon are more likely to be around PokéStops and gyms, where you will also find other people hunting.

The game developers at Niantic paid very close attention to detail, making sure that the Pokémon reflect real-world animals. For example, you will tend to find fire and rock creatures in drier areas, grass and bug types in grassy areas, and water/psychic types near water. They have also taken into account the time of day, so playing at night will bring out nocturnal Pokémon. If you keep seeing the same Pokémon nearby, consider taking a day trip with friends to explore other regions and maybe stumble upon some rarer creatures!

If you don’t have a data plan for your smartphone during your trip in Malta, don’t despair! Many of the PokéStops and gyms in Malta are at or near important monuments. What does that mean? Free Wi-Fi!

When heading from one hotspot to another, be sure take note of where you are going before you leave.

Visiting PokéStops & gyms

You see those floating blue cubes on your map? Those are PokéStops. There you can find objects to help you succeed in the game including eggs, incense that attracts Pokémon to your location, incubators to help hatch eggs, and more. If you see pink petals flying around a PokéStop, that means someone has put a lure module there to attract Pokémon.

Head to a PokéStop not only to get objects, but also to meet real-life players. You will often see groups of other players who have also come to get items. This is a great opportunity to make like-minded friends and maybe even have someone on your team at the gym.

Gyms are locations for you to battle with other teams. In addition to having to physically go to the location of the gym, your avatar must be at least a level 5. You must also pick a team to join. What team you join does not really matter, unless you would like to be on the same team as your friends.

PokéStops and gyms are usually located around popular monuments and landmarks, so places like Valletta are filled with great places to go hunting.

Looking for Pikachu?

While there is a way to get Pikachu as your starter Pokémon by running away from the others that are shown to you first, don’t fret if you missed that opportunity. In fact, one place that commonly has Pikachu is around Paceville, allowing you to play the game on your nights out.

One player has begun a map of where all of the PokéStops and gyms are located on Malta, and with the contribution of other players nearly the entire island has been mapped! Visit the map here and feel free to add points to it for other players as well.

Keep your eye out for Pikachu and have lots of fun meeting new people and exploring the island!

Pokemon Go Malta

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