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United World Schools: Taking EC to Cambodia

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Every member of the EC family around the globe is happy and proud to be working hand in hand with United World Schools, a fantastic international charity committed to creating opportunities for children in some of the world’s poorest regions to get the education they need and deserve:

UWS has a very strong sense of social purpose combined with a balanced sustainable model that focuses on educating children in post-conflict developing countries whilst stimulating global cultural exchange and understanding. […] We work with communities to build schools and develop local teachers, providing a low cost and sustainable way to teach the unreached. – United World Schools

This incredible organisation doesn’t just provide education where it’s needed the most. UWS also:

  • Works in complete partnership with local community leaders with support from district authorities and authorisation from national governments to ensure the smooth running of the school
  • Ensures that educational programmes are locally anchored and protect indigenous languages, cultures, and customs
  • Trains teachers from within the community with a focus on continual education and mentoring of local UWS teachers, and ensures long term sustainability by pairing schools in developed countries

All of this – and more – allows UWS to empower children in the community while instilling a sense of global responsibility and appreciation for the circumstances of marginalised children elsewhere in the world.


Local children in ban huoy
Local children in Ban Houy enjoy playing with Lego


This time around, UWS and EC are partnering up to build a school in Ban Houy village in Cambodia, home to 165 local children who will be able to learn music, art, sport, numeracy, and fluency in Khmer, the national language. That means vastly improving the prospects of each and every one of these young minds so eager to learn. A well will also be built to provide fresh, clean drinking water for the whole community! EC will have its own presence on the ground in Cambodia, with a volunteer programme in place for those excited to lend a helping hand and visit this special school.

Country Manager tells the community they will have a school
Country Manager announcing that the community will have a new school!


School in Ban Houy Cambodia
The school in Ban Houy – nearing completion.

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