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Thinking of Learning English in Vancouver?

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Learning English in Vancouver


Would you like to go skiing and to the beach all in one day while enjoying a beautiful, friendly city? People from all over the globe come to study English in Vancouver, work, explore, or simply visit, a fact that continually enriches its cultural mix – it’s very common to hear many different languages being spoken as you walk through the streets!

The fact that the city is a cultural hub is good news to language students because it makes things easier when it comes to adapting to life in Vancouver. Canadians are known for their friendliness and are always warm and welcoming to new people coming to the country. The English spoken in Vancouver is also known to be one of the clearest, standard accents in the world; that means it’s quite easy to understand and acquire as a student.

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There’s also an endless list of activities to enjoy here. Hike, bike, zip-line, kayak, or simply take a stroll around one of the many scenic parks. Whether you’re one for going on grand adventures, or prefer to take things easy, there’s always something in Vancouver to suit you. What better way to make friends than to learn, explore, and discover new and exciting people and places?




Canada has a vast range of programs for international students. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education, there was an increase of 83% in the international student population in Canada, of which 91% responded to be satisfied with their experience in the country. The main reasons international students seek Canada are:

  • The quality of the Canadian educational system
  • Canada’s reputation as a tolerant and non-discriminatory society
  • Canada’s reputation as a safe country

Vancouver is also known for having excellent public transportation, which is slightly overlooked because of the convenience of being able to walk in the city since it’s very clean, green, safe and not full of cars, buses, and trucks.

With its friendly, safe and open reputation, it’s impossible to pass up an opportunity to live and learn in a city like Vancouver.




Would you like to know more about this beautiful city? Download our Vancouver Travel Guide for FREE to find out what to see in Vancouver, the top 10 things to do, tips for how to improve your English, and much more!

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