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Where to Practice English in Vancouver

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Where better to try out your English skills than while experiencing authentic Vancouver culture? This city is famous for being sustainable and health-conscious, giving you many opportunities to make new friends. Join us for English classes at EC Vancouver to live and learn in this stunning city!

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1.  Join a Yoga/Pilates Class

It may sound odd to some, but Vancouverites (people from Vancouver) just love embracing health and wellness. This is easy to see, especially in the parks where you’ll find loads of people running no matter how cold the weather gets. Pilates and Yoga might be one of the locals’ favorite activities to do. There are very affordable group class packages around Vancouver that you can sign up for, and in summer you can actually try one of the free outdoor yoga classes in the city. From appreciating the beautiful views on Grouse Mountain to enjoying the beaches in downtown of Jack Poole Plaza, there are tons of places to choose to have your classes, and it’s a great way to make local friends and practice your English.

BEGINNER LEVEL TIP: If you don’t mind the extra expense, book a private class before joining a group class. It’s a great way to talk about everyday things with a Canadian, and teachers tend to be very patient with their students. Plus, they will be more than curious to know about your own culture.


2.  Visit The Public Library

Vancouver is home to the third largest public library system in Canada and has nearly 9.5 million books! The library boasts beautiful architecture inspired by the Romanesque style, and the staff are always very helpful and kind. Visitors can get a 30-day library card and it’s definitely worth having; you’ll simply get lost in the sea of books available, and there’s also an inspiration lab with workstations for video editing, audio recording rooms and more.

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL TIP: The library hosts many cool free events worth keeping an eye on, especially the ESL Conversation Circle, for people in need to practice English in a supportive environment. You can meet people who are just like you and eager to practice their skills.


3.  Ecotourism or Wildlife Viewing

Ecotourism or Widlife viewingPeople in Vancouver love nature – and with good reason, too! One way to explore it while practicing your English is to join an Eco-Tour. They have loads of options in the city; whether it’s whale watching, bird watching or guided tours through its beautiful forests, it’s a great way to experience something fun, learn about Vancouver, and immerse yourself in the English language.


4.  Join the Vancouver Bicycle Meet Group

Vancouverites love to cycle and they actually have a group who meet to explore the city and surrounding areas on their bikes. Not only will you be able to meet locals and practise your English, but you will also get a great work out!


5.  Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery is a huge building located in the Center of the city, and is the 5th largest art gallery in Canada! New exhibitions are always waiting to be discovered, with a lovely mix of work from both classical and contemporary artists alike. In addition, they have a packed list of events including live performances, lectures, film screenings, and many others – and guess what? A lot of them are for free!

BEGINNERS LEVEL TIP: Be sure to book a tour guide when you visit the Gallery for the first time. Not only will you practise your listening, but you will also learn a lot more about the Canadian art scene.


6.  Visit the Science World of British Columbia

Science World is a big thing here in Vancouver. A science center run by a non- profit organization, it has tons of interactive displays, inspirational feature exhibitions, and amazing live science demonstrations. They have a lot of activities for all ages, including specific adult programmes. It’s a great place to meet new people and acquire a whole new part of vocabulary.

ADVANCED LEVEL TIP: Join the Café Scientifique, a lecture event where you learn more about the professionals working in wilderness conservation. Take notes to practise your listening and write what you learned afterwards.

Would you like to know more about this beautiful city? Download our Vancouver Travel Guide for FREE to find out what to see in Vancouver, the top 10 things to do, tips for how to improve your English, and much more!

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