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The 4 Perks of Being Bilingual

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Have you ever wondered why people learn a second, or even a third language? Well, knowing at least two languages can help you in a bunch of interesting ways, and knowing more than two will only continue to expand your mind and opportunities further! If you’re curious about learning a new language, check out our French courses in Montreal and English courses available in destinations all over the world!

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1. Job opportunities

This is, of course, the most popular reason for learning another language. With more than one language under your belt you will be a much more attractive candidate, and will have many more options when it comes to jobs as well. If you want to work in an international setting, this is a priceless skill to have! If this is your goal, don’t forget to check out our English courses for work!

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2. Making new friends

Making friends from another country is one of the best ways to experience and learn more about that country’s culture. You’ll get inside knowledge on what it’s really like to live as a local, including the best places to go out, where to shop, and more.

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Bonus: Teach some of your friends words from the language they don’t speak! It will help sharpen your language skills and theirs!


3. No need for subtitles

Few things are more satisfying than watching a foreign movie in its native language and understanding all of it yourself. Forget about trying to find the correct subtitles and trying to make sure they match the speed of the movie, just sit back and enjoy the show!

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4. It’s easier to learn a third language

Studies have shown that once you know two languages it’s easier to learn a third, and even more after that! Get started training your brain now for all of the opportunities and benefits that come from knowing more than one language. Why not begin with one of the world’s most popular languages, English!

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