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Learning English in Boston: Thanksgiving!

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If you’re learning English in Boston, then you’ll already know that it’s things get particularly exciting around Thanksgiving, a national holiday celebrated in North America to commemorate when the first pilgrims thanked God and the Natives for their first harvest. The Father Pilgrims, led by William Bradford, first arrived in Plymouth, Massachusetts, and that means that no one celebrates Thanksgiving like they do on this side of the USA!

Since that memorable day in 1621, Thanksgiving has been celebrated across the USA; in the Boston area, you can enjoy the yearly celebration in honour of the Pilgrims’ First Landing in America, after travelling across the sea on a ship called ‘The Mayflower’. These people left England and set sail for the New World with 102 men, women, and children on board. Although many of the Pilgrims died during their first hard winter, they soon became friends with the local native tribe – The Wampanoag. The friendly natives taught the pilgrims how to hunt and cultivate crops, and that’s what allowed the pilgrims to survive!

Student Favourites

  • Don’t forget to try traditional Thanksgiving food, like roast turkey, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie, along with some delicious local vegetables. Yum!
  • Once you’ve had a taste of the local specialities, why not head down to the period-themed celebrations at the Plymouth Plantation, where it all began? Or maybe The Parade of the Big Balloons, close by in Springfield?
  • Love animals? Take a trip to The Zoo! It’s open the day after Thanksgiving and you’ll definitely enjoy the cheerful atmosphere.
  • Another highlight this year will be the highly-anticipated ballet, The Nutcracker, at The Boston Opera House.
  • If you’re into sports, you can watch a high-profile NBA basketball game the Friday after Thanksgiving, featuring the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden.
  • Want to kick back and relax? Enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum, full of lush greenery and the perfect setting the think about what you are thankful for.

The Bostonians love to celebrate Thanksgiving, so you’ll definitely get into the spirit of things with loads of fun street celebrations, and beautiful decorations around the town.

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