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EC's Top 10 Free English Lessons of 2016

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Well haven’t you all been busy little Learn English bees this year? It doesn’t matter if you’re a past student, future member of the EC family, or are already studying at EC English Language Centres – practising your skills and testing your knowledge of the language as often as possible is important! Learn English is a fantastic FREE resource created for you by EC – so let’s take a look at the 5 most popular lessons we shared this year!

1. Phrases for Job Interviews

2. Listening Exercise: Yesterday by The Beatles

3. What are Parts of Speech?

4. Phrasal Verbs: Brush off/aside/up/with

5. No or Not?

6. 4 Ways to Use ‘Though’

7. Do or Make?

8. How to Use Apostrophes

9. Common Acronyms and Abbreviations

10. What’s the difference between E.g. and i.e.?

If you’d like to continue learning English at home, download our FREE Phrasal Verbs eBook!

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