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Dani & Basti: Falling in Love, Learning English in Malta

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When you’re getting ready to study English abroad, you know that a whole load of exciting, new experiences just waiting for you at your EC destination. There’s a brand new city to explore, new people to meet from all over the world, and incredible memories to make – but did you know that you might even find that special someone and fall in love during your #ecexperience?



It might sound like something right out of your favourite romantic comedy, but it can actually happen!  Just look at Dani and Basti, two lovely students from Brazil and Germany who met while learning English in Malta! We sat down with this adorable couple to ask them about how they met, what they’re doing now, and what they think about their time at EC Malta:


1. Please tell us a little about yourselves – what you do back home and why did you decide to learn English abroad?

Dani: I wanted to increase my English level for travelling and for finding a job outside of Brazil.

Basti: To have more chances to find a job in Germany, because for good jobs in Germany you have to have good language skills in English too. And right now we Skype every day, so we practise English every day 😉


couple learning English in Malta2. Why did you choose Malta as a destination to learn English?

Dani: Malta was cheaper than other countries like Canada or the United States. Furthermore, I thought that in Malta there would be less Brazilians, because I didn´t want to speak in my native language during my study time in Malta.

Basti: I chose Malta because of the weather. I wanted to do this English course and so I had to choose a place for it. My last ideas for places were London and Malta. And, thank God, I chose the right one.


3. What were your goals and expectations when you came to study English here? Did you achieve them?

Dani & Basti: Both of us wanted to improve our language skills. And we think that our courses helped us to improve it.


4. Tell us about how you both met. What did you think the first time you saw each other?

Dani & Basti: We met on the first day, when we had our tour to get to know the places around EC. All the time we saw each other in the corridor of the school building, and smiled at each other like we were in a stupid ‘love’ movie with Julia Roberts! But on the first Private EC Party, in a club called Soho, the spark jumped over. We danced, laughed and became closer at this party. We spent the last days with each other and decided to try a long-distance relationship between Germany and Brazil. Right now, we are planning our wedding in Brazil in 2017!


EC studENTS5. How long did you stay in Malta for?

Basti: Dani has been there for four weeks and I was in Malta for 2 weeks.


6. Would you recommend EC to your friends? Why?

Dani & Basti: 100%!!! You´re able to find international friendships, have a great time even after the classes, and the teachers were really great!


7. What’s your advice to anyone who is learning English?

Dani & Basti: We think that you shouldn´t be afraid of speaking, even if you´re not sure about the correct words. So speak, speak, speak… In our case it was totally necessary to speak to each other, so our motivation was maybe a little bit higher 😉


8. Is there anything you would like to say to the staff and teachers at EC Malta?

Dani & Basti: Greetings for Tristan and Nick J… The most powerful Teachers we ever meet in our live. Full of motivation to train people!


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