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Montreal crowned world's best city for students

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The city tops the list of top 100 study abroad destinations around the world



Congratulations Canada, you’ve got yet another reason to party! In the same year the country celebrates its 150th birthday, Montreal, its capital of culture, has been voted the best student city in the world. So If you’re looking to study abroad, why not learn English in Montreal?

This charming bilingual city is currently the world’s best place for students to live, according to a global rating of 125 cities conducted by QS World University Ranking 2017.

The results are based on the responses of 18,000 students surveyed using these six metrics:

  • Rankings: the quality of local higher education institutions
  • Student mix: the amount of students including international students
  • Desirability: good qualities such as safety and cleanliness
  • Employment opportunities
  • Affordability
  • Student opinion and experiences

On Montreal’s placing, Ben Sowter, head of the Intelligence Unit at QS, said, “It seems likely that smaller, friendlier places are a little more popular in the student view context”.

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“For Montreal and other Canadian cities, the actual experience that people are having when they go there is much more positive than the imagination or expectation of it before they go,” he continued.

There’s even more good news for anyone planning to learn English in Canada, with stunning Vancouver and Toronto ranked 10th and 11th respectively. Curious about other incredible destinations? EC has English language schools in four of the world’s top ten student cities!

QS Best Student Cities 2017:


  1. Montreal

  2. Paris

  3. London

  4. Seoul

  5. Melbourne

  6. Berlin

  7. Tokyo

  8. Boston

  9. Munich

  10. Vancouver


Why Learn English in Montreal?

Multicultural, student-centred and inclusive, Montreal offers English learners a truly unique experience. Students enjoy a relatively low-cost of living and access to top cultural attractions, all in a friendly, welcoming setting, with the perfect mingling of old-world European charm and progressive North American energy.


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Our popular Montreal English school is located downtown, on St Catherine’s Street, the city’s main shopping area, and offers both English and French courses in this bilingual hotspot.  EC Montreal also provides free language workshops including interview and IELTS skills, and round table discussions!

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