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EC San Francisco and SF Babel: Free language meetups!

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Students learning English at EC San Francisco have been taking part in a fantastic language exchange event held at the school and organised by SF Babel via the popular online group, The exchange takes place every other Thursday from 6pm – 9pm, and gives students the perfect opportunity to continue practising their speaking and listening skills while having conversations with the locals! This awesome event creates a fun, chilled-out atmosphere where people from all around the world can come together to meet new people and challenge themselves to a language that they’re learning, allowing them to gain some well-deserved confidence in their abilities. Nationalities at these meetups are really diverse, with native speakers of English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, German, Italian, Turkish, Mandarin, Russian, and many other languages in attendance!IMG_4106

Learning English at EC San Francisco


Our school is located in San Francisco’s vibrant Downtown area, surrounded by all the colour and creativity this eccentric city is known for. EC San Francisco is a modern centre filled with bright, spacious classrooms, a relaxing lounge area, library facilities, student computers, and a café in the same building!


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