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The 8 Most Important Phrases to Know When You Travel

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Have you ever been at a loss for words when travelling? Knowing a few English words can help you, even if you’re not in an anglophone country. Did you know there are over 850 million people worldwide who speak English as a second language? Why not get started learning English today? Have a look at our English schools located in English-speaking countries around the world.


1. Where is the ______?

This phrase will allow you to find the location of many things on your travels, whether it be your hotel or even the bathrooms at a restaurant. Simply fill in the blank with whatever you are looking for.

2. Can you speak more slowly, please?

Useful in any situation, this phrase will communicate in a polite way that you are having trouble understanding the speaker.

3. How much is it?

This is another very practical phrase to use in many circumstances. Don’t be afraid to ask the person responding to repeat themselves if you have trouble understanding the first time.

4. Do you speak English?

If you don’t feel very confident about your own English ability, don’t be afraid to ask if they know another language as well.

5. Do you take credit cards?

Credit cards are not as widely accepted in some parts of the world as others, this is an easy way to make sure they do before making your purchase.

6. Could you please write that down?

A handy way to remember useful phrases or addresses while travelling.

7. Can you show me on a map, please?

Not only does this allow you to visualise exactly where you need to go, this can also help if you are having trouble understanding the person speaking, or aren’t very familiar with the street names.

8. I need help!

Even just shouting the word ‘Help!’ is enough to get most people’s attention to assist you.

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