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Top 10 things to do in Toronto

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Some of the most unusual, but highly recommended activities to do while learning English in Toronto. They may seem unusual, but that’s what makes Toronto such an extraordinary city.

1. Dance with dinosaurs

This sounds a little crazy, but believe it or not, the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) makes it possible. Friday Night Live (FNL) at ROM is one of the hottest events in town and it often involves dancing alongside the amazing exhibitions of dinosaurs. This is definitely a fun and unique approach to visiting a museum, since it takes place in the late hours, with drinks and great music. The locals love it and many say that growing up, this is one of the things they can’t wait to do – FNL at ROM.

2. Go to a live music performance

Some of the most famous singers and bands visit Toronto during their world tours. Be sure to check out Toronto’s lively music scene and make sure you join in!

If your favourite musician isn’t in town, check out the Indie music scene that Toronto prides itself on. The iconic music halls in the city have a show on every night of the week, with a choice of Jazz, Eastern European music, Rock ‘n’ Roll, with everything in between.



3. Go to the Islands

Your trip to Toronto is not complete until you have explored North America’s largest car-free, urban community. Part residential, part recreational, the Islands are quite an attraction in their own right, with peace and tranquillity, yet adventure awaiting at every turn. If you want the best spot to photograph the city skyline, take your camera (or phone) with you to the Toronto Islands and do not miss this opportunity to die for!




4. Sample some Craft Beer

Torontonians love beer, and your tour of the city would not be complete without trying one of their many craft beers. If alcoholic beverages are not your thing, one can still enjoy non-alcoholic beers or other beverages.

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5. Go on a food tour

The multicultural flavour of Toronto makes for an incredible food scene. From food trucks to international restaurants, it offers a bit of everything and you have to try it all. Any type of cuisine that comes to mind is available in Toronto. There are in fact more than 9,000 restaurants in the city, covering all tastes and budgets. Enjoy but watch your waistline.

6. Go to the Beach

Toronto’s impressive shoreline means plenty of beaches to choose from. You could check out Ward’s Island, Woodbine Beach, or Hanlan’s Point – we recommend that you try at least one (if not all) of them. Weather permitting, why not try some surfing or a good old sunbathing session lazing in the sun?



7. Catch a sports game

Whether it is hockey, basketball, baseball or soccer, join the locals for a fast-paced game at some of the best venues in town. Choose from the Air Canada Centre or Rogers Centre, where games take place throughout the year. When you get to the game, use your newly-acquired knowledge to make conversation and practise your speaking and listening skills. This will be fun and educational – and you might even become a fan of one of the teams!



8. Travel on a streetcar

Even in the unlikely scenario that you won’t need a streetcar to travel around the city, make sure to hop on one before you leave Toronto. It’s a simple, cheap, and a really fun way to sample one of the local, traditional transportation systems.



9. Play Bubble Soccer

Take advantage of this opportunity to play an unusual kind of soccer. Here is the official website for the bubble soccer facility where you can find out more about it.



10. Go to beaches

‘The Beaches’ is a neighbourhood in the Old City of Toronto. Here you’ll be able to enjoy three beaches on Lake Ontario, as well as lots of lively entertainment. You can find The Beaches on the east side of downtown Toronto. There is always something exciting going on, with shops and restaurants dotted around the place, water sports, beach games, live music, fundraising events, and plenty of other interesting things to see and do.

Want to know more about incredible Toronto? Download our FREE Toronto Guide created specifically for students!

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