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9 Amazing #ecexperience photos from around the world

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From the rugged coastline of Cape Town to the iconic skyline of New York City, our schools are located in some of the most exciting destinations around the world! We make sure our students learn both inside and outside the classroom, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime while practising your English. We’ve got something for everyone, no matter your goals.

1| Cape Town

One of the most multicultural cities in the world, Cape Town is home to one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World, Table Mountain. Its location in exotic South Africa makes it perfect for all sorts of adventures, from safaris to volunteer work. EC Cape Town is located just a few blocks from the bars, restaurants and shops on world-famous Long Street. Check out one student’s amazing experience studying English in South Africa’s ‘Mother City’!

2| Toronto

This city is the financial capital of Canada, and one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the country. Toronto offers a gorgeous city skyline and its location is perfect for touring sites like the incredible Niagara Falls or even a short trip to Montreal or New York City. EC Toronto gives you the best of a bustling city and beautiful, natural landscapes, like the nearby Lake Ontario. These two lovebirds at the time of their life stuyding English in Toronto!

3| Malta

If sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and endless fun are what you’re looking for, make Malta your next stop. Hidden in the middle of the Mediterranean, this island has a buzzing nightlife scene, crystal-blue seas, and charming walled towns. Learn English at EC Malta and join activities like scuba diving, cruises to Gozo and the Blue Lagoon, and tours of historic cities.

4| Cambridge

Known for its status as a great academic city, Cambridge has educated countless Prime Ministers, scientists, and writers. At EC Cambridge you can enjoy activities like punting the River Cam, visiting historical pubs, and trips to nearby cities including London and Edinburgh. These ladies had a blast learning English together!

5| New York City

Known as the city that never sleeps, and for good reason too! There’s always something to do in New York City. See iconic sights like the Statue of Liberty and cross Times Square each day on your way to study English at EC New York. Go shopping on 5th Avenue, see the city from the top of the Empire State Building, and snap a photo on the Brooklyn Bridge, just like Andre Martinelli!

6| Vancouver

This city has it all: a busy downtown area with a vibrant culture surrounded by lush rainforest, stunning beaches, and majestic mountains. This multicultural destination is perfect for both nature lovers and city people alike. Study English at EC Vancouver to see the city from the mountain town of Whistler!

7| Los Angeles

LA is the centre of Hollywood, close to the beaches of Santa Monica and the quirkiness of Venice Beach. Check out an LA Dodgers game with new friends or even take a trip to Las Vegas or Disneyland. EC Los Angeles is in the heart of sunny Santa Monica, close to the action of the boardwalk and the pier. Are you ready to go celebrity watching?

8| London

The birthplace of the English language, london is known for being a global financial centre and a cultural hotspot. With landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben to see, shopping on Oxford Street, and seeing shows at Piccadilly Circus, this city offers something for everyone. Learn English at EC London, in the heart of the action next door to Euston Station to explore all that this amazing city has to offer.

9| Montreal

The largest bilingual city in the world, this destination has a great mix of old-world European charm and the bustle of North America. It’s also home to some of Canada’s best universities and is world-famous for its gastronomy. Get a taste of this beautiful city while studying English, French, or both at EC Montreal.

BONUS: “Catching a wave” in Los Angeles

It’s all fun and games until a big wave hits in the middle of your selfie!

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