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7 Ways to Practise English at Home

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At EC, we believe the best way to learn English is by immersing yourself in the language while studying abroad, but we also know that this can be expensive and time consuming. Are you looking to improve your English at home without having to leave your couch? Try our tips but don’t forget about the free English lessons available on our Learn English website!

1. Watch TV or movies with subtitles

Learn new words without leaving the couch by watching English movies with subtitles, either in your native language or in English if you are looking for a challenge. It’s a great way to learn new vocabulary and test your comprehension!

2. Listen to your favourite English songs

It’s easier to learn new words and phrases when they are set to music, but even easier with a song you like!

3. Try some tongue twisters

These exercises help you to pronounce tricky sounds, try saying them quickly!

4. Read a book

Try to find an English book at your level, whether you need to start with a children’s book to get the basics or are trying longer novels. You can try reading out loud with a friend, both to practise your speaking and also your comprehension.

5. Write a story

You can write whatever comes to your mind to help you practise your grammar and search for new words. Plus, reading and then writing the words will help you remember them in the future! You can even read your story out loud later to practise your speaking skills.

6. EC Online

If you have just come back from your #ecexperience or are getting ready to study abroad for the first time, don’t forget to take advantage of EC Online! You start by taking a placement test to be provided with learning materials for your own level. Then, you can meet other students before your course, track your progress, and even speak to your teachers during your stay. You’ll be able to access EC Online for up to 3 months after you study with us.

7. EC Virtual

EC is brings the classroom into your home with online English lessons. EC Virtual provides English language learning using the innovative EC curriculum. Our focus is on better learning outcomes for online English classes through our experienced teachers who are all qualified as well as through a combination of virtual learning, online collaboration with other students and self-study. Thanks to our key partnership with National Geographic Learning you will have access to engaging learning materials that develop global competencies alongside English language skills.

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