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4 Reasons to learn English in Malta this winter

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If you are hoping to escape the harsh temperatures of the winter, look no farther than Malta! Check out the top reasons to visit Malta this winter.

1| The Weather

This tiny island boasts some of the best weather in Europe, with 300 days of sunshine per year! But even the rainy days are something to behold, with incredible storms whipping up the seas and intense lightning making for beautiful Instagram opportunities. You’ll also miss out on the struggles of sweating in the summer!


2| Fewer tourists

Fewer tourists means less crowding at popular sites like Malta’s UNESCO World Heritage Site capital, Valletta and enjoy the crystal waters of the Blue Lagoon in Comino all by yourself. You won’t have to worry about waiting for the ferry to Gozo, either!


3| Travel discounts

Winter calls for many travel-related discounts. There are cheaper prices on flights to the island and hotels packages are less expensive during the off-season. Even Malta’s award-winning public transit system has discounted rates on travel passes and tickets.


4| Holidays

Fewer countries know how to celebrate the holidays better than Malta. You may not enjoy a snowy Christmas, but from Republic Day on December 13 to Carnival Weekend in February, the winter is packed with fun celebrations. You can even take advantage of the weather to enjoy outdoor sports like scuba diving on Christmas or boating on New Year’s Day!

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