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EC New York Teacher Spotlight: Tatiana Arango

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Background information:

I’m a New Jerseyan with a Colombian heart; left the US to live in Colombia, where my parents are from, and didn’t return until years later. I graduated as a Speech and Language Pathologist and I’ve worked as both an SLP and ESL teacher at different universities, language centers and even high school, in Colombia and in the US

Years spent teaching: 17

What made you decide to become a teacher?

I think my classmates decided that I would make a good teacher since I was a teen, when study groups would often be arranged at my house; they always said I had a knack for helping people understand. The idea stuck with me and led me to choose Speech and Language Pathology, since rehabilitation is in many ways teaching. As it turns out I was good at it and really enjoyed it. I got into teaching English after becoming Teacher’s Assistant in my English class at my university.

What’s the thing you love most about teaching English at EC?

I love my team, the teachers and staff at EC New York are an amazing group of people I look forward to seeing and working with every day.

What makes teaching at EC so special?

The people! I’ve met wonderful people in both my team and the students; I enjoy learning about them and from them as much as I love teaching.

What’s one thing you’ve learned from a student that really stands out?

Resilience. I admire the fact that our students are leaving the comfort of their homes and countries to pursue a great variety of dreams that involve or require their learning English; many face challenges greater than being away from home, which is in itself hard enough, but push through to make their dreams come true.

What is your favourite story about a student/teaching?

A student from EC New York 30+ got 45 of my former students to send me video greetings from all over the world on my birthday. It was such a moving and unexpected gift, that I predict will be hard to top or forget _ Thanks Fred! 🙂

What do you think makes a good teacher?

Passion; you have to love and live what you do. Your students will notice and respond to the energy you bring to your classroom.

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