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10 English Acronyms You Must Know in 2018

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An acronym uses the first letters of a phrase to create a short form. Acronyms are used in common language, especially in texting speak or messenging services. Get started on your English learning journey by learning more about the most common acronyms and how to use them below!

1. TTYL – talk to you later

This phrase is usually used to end a conversation, when you know you will speak to the person again in the future.

Ex. “Bye John! TTYL!”

2. GTG or G2G – got to go

You can say ‘got to go’ in any situation where you want to end the conversation. You can even combine it like the example below.

Ex. “I GTG now, I will see you later!”

3. BRB – be right back

Use this phrase when you have to leave the conversation for a short break but want to return when you are back.

Ex. “I have to take a call, BRB.”

4. IDK – I don’t know

Let whoever you are texting know that you don’t have the answer by telling them, ‘IDK’.

Ex. “IDK who she is.”

5. JK – just kidding


We know that sometimes it can be hard to communicate well over text, you can say ‘just kidding’ if you want to clarify that what you were saying was a joke.

Ex. “I’m not excited for dinner tonight… JK!”

6. LOL – laughing out loud

Use this if you want to express that something is funny or you mean something in a lighthearted way.

Ex. “I can’t believe you did that, LOL!”

7. UR – your / you are

You can use this acronym anytime in natural conversation.

Ex. “I will bring UR towel back tonight.” or “I bet UR not ready to go yet.”

8. RU – are you

This acronym stands for ‘are you’, this is an easy way to start a question.

Ex. “RU ready to go?”

9. OFC – of course

Let your friend know that what they said or what you have said is expected or obvious.

Ex. “OFC I can pick you up later.”

10. LMK – let me know

When you need someone to give you a response, make sure to ask them to give you an answer later.

Ex. “If you need help with your assignment just LMK.”

Try out these acronyms for yourself! If you want to learn more,

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