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7 Words to Know Before the World Cup Final

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Are you ready for the final matches of the World Cup this weekend? Why not refresh your vocabulary with seven vocabulary words to know while watching the World Cup. If you want to learn more, take a look at our English courses available in six English-speaking countries around the world!


To be eligible for a competition or the final rounds of a competition.

Ex. “Russia automatically qualify for the 2018 World Cup because they are the host country.”


Penalties, or a penalty shoot-out, takes place when the official 90 minutes of playing time has finished and the game is either tied or no one has scored. Each teams takes 5 shots from directly in front of the other’s goal. The one who makes the most goals wins the game and moves onto the next round.

Ex. “Croatia won their game against Russia on penalties.”

Free kick

A freekick restarts the game when a player has been fouled by the other team.

Ex. “The English team scored a free kick in the first 5 minutes of playing against Croatia.”


The act of hitting the ball with one”s head.

Ex. “Samuel Umtiti from France scored the winning goal against Belgium with a header.”


An offense where a player is too close to the opposite team’s goal, past the opposite team’s defenders.

Ex. “Iran scored a goal against Spain, but their player was offside so the goal was not valid.”

Goalie (or Goalkeeper)

The player who guards the team’s goal.

Ex. “Belgian goalkeeper Thibault Courtois is one of the key reasons Belgium has done so well this year’s World Cup.”


When both teams have reached the same score, the next score breaks the tie, making it a tiebreaker.

Ex. “The next goal will be the tiebreaker!”

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