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6 Great reasons to make friends from around the world

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One of the best reasons to learn English abroad is the experiences you will have with people from all around the globe. Friends are an important part of your English journey, from having people to hang out with during your exciting social programme to practising your English in an everyday environment. Find out the best reasons you will enjoy making friends while studying with EC!

1| Have someone to practise your English with

What better way to learn a language than by practising in your every day environment? By using your new language skills outside of the classroom, you will improve much more and increase your confidence. Plus, you are having fun!

2| You will learn about new cultures

What better way to exchange cultures and ideas than by making friends? You’ll find you have similar interests and experiences, even if you live across the world from each other. Having knowledge of other cultures is not only a useful professional skill, but it also makes you more open-minded and prepares you to live in a global environment.

3| Great excuse to go on holiday

Now you have a new country to visit! Visit your friend anytime or have them visit you. You’ll have an amazing host and get to see all of the best sights that only locals know about. Plus, it also means you will have a chance to be the host when your friend comes to visit you!

4| Networking

Thinking of moving to a new country? You will have an easier experience with friends who already live there. Not only will you already have a friend, you will also be able to more easily navigate the processes of finding a job and a flat.

5| You will become a more open and understanding person

Understanding that people live their lives in different ways is an important part of being successful in a global environment. This not only helps you in your career but also makes you more open to new experiences and you will be able to build more friendships this way!

6| Great memories while studying with EC

Making a friend while studying with EC means you will be able to practise your language skills while simply hanging out with your friend! Whether you are enjoying our fun-filled activity programme or taking advantage of your free time, you will return home with memories to last a lifetime.

Are you excited to start making new friendships?

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