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Our second school in Cambodia | United World Schools

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In 2016, EC partnered with United World Schools in order to make education accessible to children who would otherwise not have access to education. We began by building a well in the village of Ban Houy, Cambodia. Ban Houy is a small village home to 165 children and their families, and this well provides water to their whole community. We then began works on our first Cambodian primary school, where students learn the national language (Khmer), maths, arts and crafts.

After the success of our first school, we are proud to announce that we have continued our efforts by building a second primary school in Don Lo, just a few miles from our first school. The school has just opened and students are now able to attend classes at their new school!

Our next step is to send over another team of EC volunteers to work with the children and their teachers in 2019. We are proud to continue to support UWS in this endeavour, learn more about EC in Cambodia today!

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