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EC Virtual – after lesson student collaboration task video

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Two EC Virtual students working together to complete their after-lesson task assigned by their teacher.

EC Virtual, our online English course, is about more than English lessons with an English teacher. You will be assigned tasks that require you to work with the others in your group using chat, video calls and collaborative documents, thus building your communications skills and global competencies while developing your language skills. This structured collaboration is very important in language learning, this is what sets us apart from other online English providers.

In their lesson learned how to talk about their careers so far.

During the lesson they:

Discussed interview experiences
Examined a text describing somebody’s career so far
Identified useful grammar and vocabulary
Walked through their CV (resume)
English for Interviews

After-lesson task (in pairs)

The students’ teacher set them a task to do in pairs: Write some notes on your career and describe it briefly to your partner.

They then had to find out from their partner:

  • Was I succinct?
  • Did I include irrelevant information?
  • Did it have a logical sequence?
  • Did I use clear linking words?
  • How was my intonation?

After this task, their teacher, Fiona, watches their conversation and then sends the students her feedback:

Fiona C.   16 hours ago

Hello Maria and Lilla.

The feedback you gave each other was really useful and I would agree with everything you said relating to the success criteria.  You can both say that you carried out a successful task!

There are a few things that I will add for you to think about.

At the beginning of both talks I had difficulties understanding some words, this will highlight for you the importance of pronunciation – it is by far more important than accurate grammar – there were some grammar errors but they did not affect understanding.

Lilla – Well I studied in Budapest German Literature –  I studied German literature in Budapest

Since then I’ve been living in Berlin and I have ……………………….the different companies – I could not catch this word.

During ……………….I’ve collected some experience in the field of HR – I could not catch this word.

Maria- First sentence – I am ………………..for being really pro-active and hardworking- I could not catch this word.

I …………………….there for over four years- I could not catch this word.

some other words which I understood but need to be more accurate :

vacancy – /veɪkənsi /

enough – ɪˈnʌf

disciplined -dɪsɪplɪnd

honors – no ‘h’ sound – H is silent

Intonation – Lilla,  you tend to go up at the end of your sentences – in English the final word looks like this ^ it goes up them down – so remember to come back down

Both of you became much more fluent towards the end which showed that you were becoming more relaxed. This is proof that this kind of communication helps with that fluency. You started to take your eyes off the script and speak more naturally .

Some really nice use of linking words, relative clauses, preposition + gerund and a great variety of vocabulary – great work here .

Really, the main area to work on is pronunciation

Lilla for Intonation and Maria for vowel sounds mainly

As mentioned,  Maria could have been more succinct when talking about her first job:

“My boss has been the director of the University where I studied and she suggested me to apply for the job even if I didn’t have enough experience”

for example, this could be – I was actually recommended by the university dean for my first position as a ……,.

I hope this helps and I encourage you to continue working together.

Best wishes,



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